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Friday, November 16, 2018

Where Can I Learn More About Sex?

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If you’re scrolling through this blog here at Cirilla's, you might be interested in learning more about sex. Perhaps you’re curious about a certain sex act or kink or relationship style. Maybe you want to learn more about what sex toys are especially good or what constitutes sex toy safety. However, all this information can sometimes be difficult to find. Any sex-related words searched through google may come up with pornographic material, and while perhaps that may be exactly what you’re looking for, it also might not be. Fear not, for there are so many resources out there to gather wonderful, detailed, accurate information about sexuality. Here are just a few to help you continue your own sex education journey.


Possibly the easiest way to educate yourself, websites are one of my favorite forms of resource, and the world wide web certainly has a whole lot of sites out there. Although Scarleteen may be targeted to teenagers, it has buckets of information perfect for folks of any age. Bedsider has an interactive birth control method comparison tool that is perfect for figuring out what form of contraceptive might be perfect for you. Of course, Planned Parenthood is always an amazing resources for curiosity about sex, relationships, and sexual health care.


In today’s modern day and age, blogs are becoming an increasingly popular resource for information on sex, kink, sex toys, and personal stories. I’m going to slip a shameless self-promotion in here for my own blog, Squeaky Bedsprings, but also check out the ever-popular sex toy critics Hey Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, and The Big Gay Review, sex and disability focused Chronic Sex, or sexy storyteller Girl On The Net.


There are so many wonderful sex education books for adults available about everything from oral sex tips to navigating open relationships to detailed rope bondage instructions. Books like Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon and Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski can instruct you in the magic of female pleasure, while The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy is a great intro to non-monogamy.


If reading isn’t your thing, podcasts are a great way to learn while doing something as mundane as driving to work. Laugh along to The Dildorks, a pun-saturated podcast on “sex, dating, and masturbating”, discover a host of sex topics with American Sex Podcast, or learn about why people are into that with Why Are People Into That?! . Interested in polyamory? Try Polyweekly!


Youtube is great if you’re a visual sort of person. Most sex-ed youtube videos are short (between five and ten minutes) snippets of easily digestible knowledge on specific topics. Sexplanations has hundreds of videos on so many topics and approaches them in a positive, judgment-free way, and purple-haired Erika Lynae has a whole channel for her sex toy reviews. Hannah Witton has a channel about general sex topics, and regularly collaborates with other youtubers.


For an in-person, potentially interactive experience, try attending a workshop! Some sex shops offer classes through the stores themselves. These are classes hosted by the store and taught by a sex educator, usually for a low price of $5-20. Some are hands-on. I’ve heard of blowjob workshops where an individual gets a sanitized, unused dildo to practice on while the educator gives instructions. Workshops also give you the chance to ask an educator your questions, so think about what you want to know before you go.

Private coaching 

Of course, showing up in public to a sex workshop may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For shy folks, or those who may need a little more help, many sex educators offer private coaching via skype where you can ask your questions and gain knowledge tailored just for you. These resources can be great for those overcoming sexual shame or anxiety.

No matter your preference for educational medium, sex education shouldn’t stop at your gym teacher’s horrendously awkward screening of a woman giving birth. Check out some of these resources and gain some new sexy knowledge. Happy learning!

By: Sammi
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