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Friday, April 5, 2019

Nipple Pleasure: Techniques and Toys

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Nipples are awesome. They’re cute, they’re purposeful (if there’s an infant to feed), and thanks to being loaded with nerve endings, they’re pleasurable. As a bonus, everyone has them. Although nipple play is usually associated with women, men too can experience good feelings from having these sensitive spots touched. Nipple pleasure is for everyone!

Everyone feels differently about having their nipples touched. Some folks detest having them so much as accidentally brushed. Some like light touch, some like them really pinched, and some can orgasm solely from playing with their nipples without touching their genitals at all.

One way to find out what your own nipples (or those of your partner) enjoy is to start exploring. Experiment with varying sensations: light, soft touches, rougher pinches, a flick. You could try massaging, squeezing, using the thumb to rub around the nipple, rolling it between the thumb and index finger, or pinching a small or larger section. If you’ve got a partner (or can reach your own nipples with your face!), you can use a mouth and tongue to kiss or suck. As with any sexual activity, it’s often best to warm up with gentler touches before increasing intensity and clamping down. If you’re performing this on your partner, be sure to pay attention to their body language to see how they respond to each touch, and if you’re not sure, ask!

If you’ve discovered that nipple play is something you or your partner enjoys and you’ve done all sorts of things using just your hands, perhaps it’s time to try a nipple toy. Nipple toys are great for solo play, leaving your nipples secured and your hands free to do other pleasurable activities.

Nipple Suckers work by using suction to increase blood flow around this sensitive area. Some are a simple hollow rubber or silicone ball you squeeze air out of to suck nipples in. Some feature a tube with a twist to create a vacuum to do the same, creating a more intense feeling then the former.

Nipple Clamps come in different shapes and sizes. Some even have cool extra features like vibration or warming sensations. Tweezer style clamps look like their namesake and use a sliding ring to increase pressure. Alligator clamps look a bit like a clothespin, but tighten with a screw, as do Mandible clamps, which are especially pinchy. Clover or Butterfly clamps become tighter when the string is pulled. Other operate by sandwiching the nipple between two rods and using screws or bands to tighten to the desired level of pinch.

Some folks enjoy visually pleasing decorations, like fake piercings, tassels, or feathers. These may have adhesive backing for sticking on, utilize magnets, or be attached to a clamp.

If incorporating nipple play into your sexual arsenal makes you nervous, or if you’re having trouble finding pleasure in it, try mixing it with other sexual activities. Use a sex toy on your genitals while touching your nipples, or a sex toy on your nipples while touching your genitals. You can also have a partner provide either sort of pleasure to allow you to focus on what you’re doing.
Nipples are an underappreciated erogenous zone of the human body. Whatever you discover about your nipples, whether they’re extra sensitive or don’t feel a thing, know that it’s normal and healthy and unique to you.

By: Sammi
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