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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Butts and Beaches and Bathing Suits, Oh My!: How Masturbation Can Help You Love Your Body

Four beautiful African American Bikini girls on the beach.

“Swimsuit Season” is upon us, and while some are thrilled to shed their clothes and show some skin, others dread the pool, beach, or lake, fearing what others will think of them for their body size. While there isn’t an overnight fix to overcome years of negative feelings about your body, there are some small steps that can help, and one of these unconventional tricks requires nothing more than your hand.

Feeling positive about your body is extremely difficult in a society filled with magazines emblazoned with the word “DIET” residing in every checkout line, the exact same body type on every movie screen, and jokes in which a larger bodied person is the punchline. Nearly every day we are told we are not attractive enough. Combating that takes work.

No matter one’s size or shape, everyone deserves to feel good about their body, and there are so many ways to do so: wearing clothes you love, exercising the way you like to, or practicing positive self-talk in the mirror. All of these are great options, and everyone will have a different preference for their source of good-feels. However, there might be another practice you haven’t yet thought of, and that’s masturbation.

From a physical and biological approach, masturbation simply feels good. Pleasure and orgasms cause chemicals called endorphins to be released in the brain, and these little hormones cause feelings of happiness and relaxation. Orgasms also cause muscles to relax, and encourage blood circulation throughout the body. For these physical reasons, masturbation (and sex in general!) is great for stress relief, helping to release physical and mental tension.

Masturbation is a great distraction from stress, and can also be an intentional moment of mindfulness. The goal of mindfulness, a practice often used in managing anxiety and stress, is to build the habit of focusing on the present moment instead of worrying about the past or what’s to come. Masturbating is an excellent way of bringing your attention away from worries and into your body, enjoying the pleasure at hand.

Pleasuring yourself is also just that, giving yourself pleasure. If having sex with someone is called “making love”, then masturbation could be akin to making love to yourself. Your body deserves to feel good. People have sex with one another because they’re attracted to one another, so why should sex with yourself be any different?

Just like sex has the potential to connect two people, masturbation can connect you with your own self. Both having control over and getting to know your body can give you a boost of confidence. Through self-pleasure, you learn what your body likes and how to make it feel good. Although it may seem like a stretch, feeling good in your body (Pleasure and orgasms!) can totally translate to feeling good about your body (Confidence and self-love!).

Masturbation may be often viewed as nothing more than a naughty secret act, but if you’re reading this little article on a sex toy store’s blog, than you may know that experiencing pleasure is neither naughty, nor does it need to be secretive. It has so many physical and mental health benefits, and using masturbation  to accept and appreciate your body is just one of it’s many perks. So get down to some self-lovin’ and lovin’ yourself.

By: Sammi
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three Firework-Worthy Strokers to Spark Pleasure

Playful male hand in pants.

Independence day has come and gone. Perhaps you’ve chowed down on classics like burgers and watermelon or gone swimming with family and friends. Chances are, you probably watched some fireworks. These splashes of light were probably all sorts of sizes, shapes, sounds, and colors, right? Well guess what? So are strokers.

Strokers are tube-like toys that stimulate the penis by mimicking any hole you would normally put a penis in, whether that’s a mouth, vagina, or anus. Inside the tube is often a pattern of squishy ridges or bumps designed to give the user extra pleasure. Any stroker has the potential to feel great, but these three are especially interesting. These unique strokers will have you seeing fireworks of your own!

Tenga Egg

A Tenga Egg is one of the cheapest options out there in the stroker world. Inside the plastic egg is a small masturbation sleeve. There’s no fancy case, and all you need to operate it is your hand. These toys are one of my favorites because unlike traditional hard-cased strokers, you can exactly control how tight the sleeve fits around the penis just by squeezing your hand to your regular masturbation or handjob strength. The eggs come in many different textures, from swirls to waves, and while technically single-use, you can definitely get a few uses out of it with proper cleaning. They’re also incredibly easy to hide, just don’t leave them out around Easter time if you have kids!

Fleshlight Quickshot

Another one of my personal favorites, the Fleshlight Quickshot offers something most strokers don’t. It’s about a quarter of the size of a conventional masturbator, which makes this great for at least two things. Firstly, it permits what I like to call “super-powered blowjobs”. Have your partner hold the Quickshot in their hand, moving it up and down the shaft while they use their mouth on the tip! This may get a whole lot of lube in their mouth, so try something tasty like Wicked Aqua Flavored Lubricant (It comes in flavors like pomegranate and salted caramel). The Quickshot is also great for those with more sensitive tips. This stroker can more easily be focused on the shaft, leaving the head of the penis free if overstimulated.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo and Duo

Possibly the most unique toy in this list, the Pulse III is a vibrator for your penis. The Pulse can be placed on your penis whether it is flaccid or erect, which makes it a great helping hand for those that may struggle with erections. The solo is operated via the toy itself, but the duo comes with a remote for play with a partner. As cool as this toy is, penises can be picky with vibrations. Some people absolutely love them, and can even have a hands-free orgasm simply by placing the Pulse on their peen and cranking up the vibrations. However, some might find a toy like this unexciting and unarousing. All bodies are different and will respond differently to the Pulse. After all, part of what makes sex toys so exciting (besides pleasure, that is) is trying new things!

With all of these toys, you’ll want a water-based lube to keep things nice and slick. Toys for penises are often overlooked, but these ones are sure to light up your night.

By: Sammi
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Monday, August 7, 2017

Four Sex Toys to Heat Up (Or Cool Down) Your Summer

Attractive anonymous couple on a date, summer love concept

It’s official. Summer has arrived, and so has the heat that comes with it. While some of us thrive in sticky humidity and scorching sun, others turn into sweaty grumpy blobs. I think many people would agree that ninety-something degree days aren’t exactly a time where they feel most sexy, but fear not. Here to end those steamy days with some even steamier nights are four sex toys perfect for summer. Whether you’re planning on lounging by the beach or hiding inside with the air conditioner blasting, one of these toys may just be the perfect fit for you!

Wicked Ultra Chill Lubricant

This slip and slide is for adults only! Perfect for cooling off on hot summer days, Wicked Ultra Chill lube is specially formulated to cause a cooling sensation wherever applied. It’s silicone formula has only a few simple ingredients, and includes menthol for it’s namesake chill. Lube is great for all sorts of sexy activities, whether you’re using hands, a penis, or a toy. In my humble opinion, a lube that tingles like this one does could be regarded as a sex toy on it’s own. Try putting it in the refrigerator for some extra shivers!

Pipedream Icicles No. 46 Glass Massager

If cooling lube isn’t enough to beat the heat, try temperature play! Glass (and metal) toys hold temperatures wonderfully, making cooling down or heating up your sex life as easy as pouring yourself a glass of water. Try putting this prostate massager in cold water for a bit before insertion (never put in the freezer; you don’t want frostbite down there) to cool things down. Alternatively, soak your glass or metal toy in warm (never hot!) water to add some heat.

We-Vibe Tango

For vacations both near and far, pack a punch with a small, travel-friendly vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango. This isn’t one of the most popular small vibrators for nothing. It’s incredibly strong for it’s size, rechargeable, and waterproof (so it’s perfect for a relaxing bath or shower!). Small and lipstick-shaped, it’s a wonderfully discreet toy perfect for stowing away in your purse, carry-on, or suitcase.

Bonus tip: To avoid sex toys turning on during travel, pack in appropriately sized boxes. The We-Vibe Tango easily fits in a glasses case or even a pill bottle.

BS Atelier Oben Silicone Anal Dildo

Planning a stay-at-home vacation this year? No problem! With BS Atelier’s Oben dildo, you can bring the beach to you. These colors remind me of either the sand meeting the waves, or a fancy poolside beverage. Either way, the blue and yellow gradient creates a beautiful, tropical toy. The Oben comes in three sizes, all of which are perfect if trying out anal play is on your summer bucket list. It’s made of body-safe silicone too, which makes cleaning a (summer) breeze.

No matter your summer plans, trying out new things is a great way to spend such a lovely season, and these toys are perfect ways to do that. Summer vacation may be designed for the kids, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t play too!

By: Sammi
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sex Talk with jessica drake

Sex Talk with jessica drake

Join Wicked Pictures Exclusive performer and director of the award-winning instructional series "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex" as she teaches you the ins and outs of better sex. Enrich your love life with the help of this exciting and informative workshop. 

This informative workshop will cover basic anatomy, tips, techniques, and orgasms, PLUS after class there will be a candid Q&A for all of your unanswered questions. Following the workshop, jessica will sign autographs and take pictures. Bring your partner and an open mind as you join us for Sex Talk with Wicked's very own Sexpert jessica drake

Admission is free but seating will be limited.

Thursday September 28, 2017 7 PM
24940 Lorain Road
North Olmsted, OH

Friday September 29, 2017 7 PM
2925 Carpenter Road
Ann Arbor, MI 

RSVP at 

Follow jessica drake on twitter @thejessicadrake