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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Anal Sex Adventures: Pegging Basics

Young Couple During Foreplay

Anal August is not only a good time to learn about all things anal, but to try new things. If you’re not too familiar with pegging, or have never heard of it before, here is a short primer to get you started. There is much to learn so you should just take this as a starting point. I also recommend doing some more extensive reading. There are some fantastic books and videos out there, as well as, helpful websites and podcasts.

Pegging is when a woman engages in anal sex with a man using a harness and a dildo. The name was chosen when Dan Savage asked his sex column readers to vote on a term for this sex act. The practice has been around for a while but has recently seen a surge in popularity. Pegging provides a great deal of pleasure since not only is the rectal area loaded with sensitive nerve endings, but is also an excellent way to stimulate the prostate. Manual stimulation of genitals is made easier with a strap on harness that leaves hands free to roam and explore. Women experience pleasure from pressure as the base of the dildo presses into the pubic area, or internal stimulation if used with a double-ended dildo. Pegging is safe and pain free if you take your time and prepare properly. As with anal sex in general, a generous amount of good lube and a generous amount of patience can lead to a pleasurable experience.