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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Introduction to Oral Pleasure - Fellatio

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Fellatio, most commonly known as a blowjob or giving head, has myths and misinformation surrounding it just like it’s female counterpart cunnilingus. This is not something often covered in sex ed and even something you feel comfortable talking about with friends or family. Fellatio is still steeped in taboo for many and you can find laws against in it some states even today. Some just think they won’t enjoy giving it. Perhaps some information and myth busting will help make fellatio a more fun and enjoyable part of sexy time.

An Anatomy Lesson

The word fellatio comes from the latin fellatus, which is the past participle of fellare, meaning to suck. Merriam-Webster’s definition of fellatio is “the act of stimulating a man's penis with the mouth for sexual pleasure.” Just as the vulva come in all shapes and sized, the penis comes in various shapes, lengths, and widths. The tip of the penis is the glans (the head) with the urethral opening; then the foreskin (if you happen to be uncircumcised); the underside of the glans has an area called the frenulum and the rounded base of the glans is called the corona. The whole glans area has the highest concentration of nerves. The frenulum has the most nerve endings so can be the most sensitive part of the penis. The glans connects to the shaft. The ridge along the underside of the shaft is the raphe and it extends from the glans, past the scrotum to the perineum. This area is the most sensitive part of the shaft. The whole of the penis extends into the body, which includes the prostate. The opening of the urethra is called the meatus; I will pause for a moment to allow you to giggle about that.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gift Ideas To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

If you’re over the pink, the heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and the generic check-out lane bought bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, consider these five unique ideas.

Gift Mutual Lingerie

Why not take your partner shopping for some sexy under things? This can be a great way for both of you to play in the store and get some new garb to wear for your erotic encounters. Single? Take this time to splurge and do something special for yourself! Buy yourself anything that makes you feel sexy or helps you boost your confidence in the bedroom. Get double your money’s worth by not only getting to look extra sexy, but use the chance to do an slow strip tease for your partner as well.

Snail Mail an Erotic Letter

The art of letter writing is slowly becoming a lost art. Surprise your partner by actually hand writing them a letter and sending it in the mail. The letter can be as mild or wild as you would like. It can describe things that you love about them or a very graphic, detailed letter about what you plan to do to them on Valentine’s night.