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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sex Toys Go High-Tech

Fun Factory at ANME Expo

New technology has become an ever more popular subject when it comes to sex toys. Even Wired magazine is doing a Sex in the Digital Age issue this March. This year started with a few significant conferences when it comes to new products and technology. ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo), AVN Novelty Expo and CES (Consumers Electronics Show) each had a show in January of this year and each showcased new toys and tech. It may be hard to believe but there are people working all year long to create the best new sex toy. In some ways this may seem like reinventing the wheel, but advances in technology, and some incredible imaginations, have produced some interesting new sex toys. Some of these toys are updated versions of product already on the market but some are brand spankin’ new. Let’s take a look at what’s new and improved this year.

The HELLO Touch by Jimmyjane certainly wasn’t the first fingertip vibrator, or the first with multiple tips. It first appeared on the market in 2013 as the smallest fingertip vibrator ever invented. Dual pads are linked by a cord to a wristband powerpack with controls. It’s designed for both internal and external stimulation. This year they brought out the HELLO Touch X, which adds electro-stim, actually electrostatic stimulation, along with vibration. Electronic stimulation is when mild electric current is applied to the body with pleasurable results. With the HELLO Touch X you can swap out the vibrating pad for electro-stim pads. I’m sure this is much milder than a violet wand but could be a low-key way to introduce electro-stim to your playtime.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Flirtatious Flirting Tips

Low section view of a businessman and a businesswoman flirting in an office

It may be that time of year where we’re focusing on being coupled and all the cuddly, lovey, sexy that comes with it but learning ways to flirt is helpful whether you’re still searching for or already in a relationship. Flirting is defined as: to behave in a way that shows a sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously. Flirting can be fun but most of the time it’s a subtle way to let someone know you’re interested in them. In a society that doesn’t allow us to be upfront and straightforward about attraction, especially sexual attraction, we use gestures, words, movements and other forms of body language that are like a code to tell people we’re hot for them. This subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, body language is helpful in public situations where coming right out and saying you’re interested is either difficult or terrifying. You can use these tips to get the attention of that person you’ve been eyeing all night. Flirting can be used in established relationships to reconnect with your partner, let them know you still find them attractive and that they still make you hot.

Breaking The Ice

The first step towards successful flirting is actually doing something. Social interaction doesn’t come easy to everyone and initiating contact with someone you are attracted to can make it feel daunting. Finding an easy way to begin conversation could be as simple as brushing past them then stopping to talk or making eye contact then approaching. Close proximity or eye contact can also make you open to being approached. Find something about the event, location or situation that can start casual conversation. Or if you are so attracted you’re scared out of your mind, you can try to approach someone else with them in a friendly way that then lends itself to contact with your intended flirtation target. Most importantly just try to relax. Confidence is what’s sexy and research has shown that people who gave signals that they were open to being approached, available and confident almost always found people attracted to them.