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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sex Toys Go High-Tech

Fun Factory at ANME Expo

New technology has become an ever more popular subject when it comes to sex toys. Even Wired magazine is doing a Sex in the Digital Age issue this March. This year started with a few significant conferences when it comes to new products and technology. ANME (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo), AVN Novelty Expo and CES (Consumers Electronics Show) each had a show in January of this year and each showcased new toys and tech. It may be hard to believe but there are people working all year long to create the best new sex toy. In some ways this may seem like reinventing the wheel, but advances in technology, and some incredible imaginations, have produced some interesting new sex toys. Some of these toys are updated versions of product already on the market but some are brand spankin’ new. Let’s take a look at what’s new and improved this year.

The HELLO Touch by Jimmyjane certainly wasn’t the first fingertip vibrator, or the first with multiple tips. It first appeared on the market in 2013 as the smallest fingertip vibrator ever invented. Dual pads are linked by a cord to a wristband powerpack with controls. It’s designed for both internal and external stimulation. This year they brought out the HELLO Touch X, which adds electro-stim, actually electrostatic stimulation, along with vibration. Electronic stimulation is when mild electric current is applied to the body with pleasurable results. With the HELLO Touch X you can swap out the vibrating pad for electro-stim pads. I’m sure this is much milder than a violet wand but could be a low-key way to introduce electro-stim to your playtime.

The Eva by Dame Products is still in crowd funding stage but the product is being talked about as an innovator in hands free couples vibrators. Eva is a wearable vibrator that’s inserted under the outer labia and left on during sex. This helps to provide the additional clitoral stimulation many women need to achieve orgasm. There are other similar products to help with clitoral stimulation but the design on this one is different with wings to keep it in place.

Another unusual design is the Amorino by Fun Factory. This mini vibe has a silicone band that can be stretched and wrapped in a variety of ways around this vibe. The band is supposed to bring additional stimulation to the venus mound, labia and clitoris. It can be use internally while also providing clitoral stimulation with the external bulb. It may look like a rubber band wrapped around a vibrator but it also provides additional stimulation to the vulva that hasn’t been experienced before

LELO updated its INA 2 and MONA 2 vibes to the INA Wave and MONA Wave using new WaveMotion technology. The idea of WaveMotion is to provide a rising and falling sensation along with, or instead of, vibrations. We’ve seen thrusting toys lately like the Stronic line but these vibes mimic the beckoning movement recommended for g-spot stimulation. LELO describes it as a new age of orgasms. Not sure yet if it’s a new age but certainly a new wave with this come hither style of movement. INA is the rabbit vibe version while the MONA doesn’t have the exterior clitoral stimulator.

There are lots of toys linked to apps coming out lately. These can be used with any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled IOS or Android phone. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is linked to an app on your smartphone for remote control. You can create an original composition of vibration, duration and intensity which can be sent anywhere in the world. The Oh Mi Bod already pioneered the vibrator that responds to music but now they’ve added the BlueMotion wearable vibrator with remote control smartphone app. Kegal exercisers are getting into the linked app market. The Laid Loop is a kegel exerciser currently in crowdfunding stage. The app has a training program and can track results. The Minna KGoal is already out on the market and is a kegel exerciser with an app the give you training exercises and feedback.

Kiiroo takes remote control to a whole new level, into teledildonics. The Onyx is a male masturbator and Pearl is a vibrator that can react to each other over Bluetooth and the internet. This makes long distance partners able to stimulate each other while apart. The Onyx masturbator is designed to react to the real time motions of the partner using it and transfer that motion to stimulation on the other end. Unfortunately the male masturbator is the only one of the pair that can send signals to the other and back again; the Pearl can send info but is not designed yet to link back. Linked with additional video chat and it’s the closest thing we can get to virtual coupled sex. LovePalz, the maker of Zeus and Hera long distance interactive vibrator and male masturbator combo, now has Twist which comes as both vibrator or a male masturbator, can be used for solo play or has an app that can be controlled online.

HUM is a vibrator that responds to pressure to create patterns. It supposedly acts more like an actual human partner. The LaunchPAD is a Fleshlight male masturbator that connects to your iPad. This allows the user to simulate sex with what is playing on the iPad. This is also useful for long distance partners since you can see your partner via video chat while using the Fleshlight. If you want to get into more advanced cybersex there’s the newly debuted VR Tenga, a hybrid of the Tenga masturbator and the Oculus Rift VR headset. A robotic arm holding the Tenga masturbator does all the work while you watch via the VR headset. It appears to only be the demo stage right now but has everyone talking about robot sex since it’s debut in Tokyo recently.

Rounding out our look at new technology are two different kids of sex toys for men. The Autoblow 2 takes the original Autoblow that came out in 2012 and adds three sleeves in different sizes to accommodate the size of the person using it. This corded male masturbator takes some of the work load of masturbating off you hands by having internal breads that stroke instead of your hand going up on down. The Pulse II Solo by Hot Octopuss (voted best male sex toy of the year AVN 2015) is a male masturbator that doesn’t look like a masturbation sleeve. The Pulse is a cap that’s shaped to fit on the end of the penis providing direct stimulation to the frenulum. It can be used even while flaccid. The Pulse II Solo is designed for solo use while the Duo is designed for partnered sex.

Tech is giving us new and improved gadgets every year. I’m sure we’ll continue to see new developments in teledildonics, Bluetooth technology, apps linked with internet connectivity, and new charging methods. Can’t wait to see what sexy science will bring us in the future.

By: Technogeisha
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