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Monday, April 17, 2017

Know Your Birth Control Options

Woman holding condoms

Birth control is crucial to preventing pregnancy, and you'll find the right option no matter your lifestyle, price range or preferences. But there are so many options, how do you choose the best fit? Keep reading to determine which birth control is for you.

Barrier Methods

A barrier method blocks sperm from moving into your uterus where it would fertilize the egg. Most barrier methods can be paired with spermicide to further increase efficacy. It is worth noting that Nonoxynol-9, which is the active ingredient in spermicide, is quite abrasive and can cause micro-tears to sensitive tissue. Studies have shown that using spermicide can actually increase the rate of STI transmission.

Barrier methods of birth control typically don't have the same sort of side effects as hormonal methods. You might have a reaction to latex in your condoms, but you can simply choose to use condoms made from a different material.


How it works: A thin sheath of latex (or polyurethane, lambskin or polyisoprene for those with a latex allergy) prevents ejaculate from leaving the vagina. Use a condom once and toss it.

You can buy condoms in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They even come in various flavors. Some include lube and spermicide for extra protection. Unique textures can add to the experience.

Condoms are available from a variety of retailers at an affordable price, and you may be able to get them for free from your family planning provider.

Who it's for: Everyone who wants to prevent pregnancy and transmission of certain STIs, anyone who does not have birth control coverage, and people who do not like hormonal birth control.

Female Condoms

How it works: The female condom doesn't look like the male condom. It's a much larger bag-like tube with a reinforced lip that you pinch to insert. Part of the condom remains outside of the vagina,

Who it's for: People who want extra skin-to-skin STI protection, well-endowed partners, and women who want to take control of their sex lives.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 App-Controlled Sex Toys for Tech Geeks and Sex Geeks

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds these days. TVs are getting bigger, phones are getting smaller, and even sex toys are getting upgrades. Gone are the days where the only sex toy options were a realistic dildo or a massive wand vibrator. This is the future, a future in which you (or your partner) can control your vibrator, butt plug, and more all from your phone. The toys below feature fun, interactive settings, neat ways to create your own patterns, and special features for long-distance play with a partner. Even better, they’re all rechargeable and made of body-safe silicone or ABS plastic. Whether your goal is to play in public or connect from across the world, these toys have you covered.
Ohmibod BlueMotion Bluetooth Vibrator

For Secretive Play: The Ohmibod BlueMotion Bluetooth Vibrator- $129.99
Compatible with: iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android.

This handy-dandy panty vibe is designed to be placed in the included (one size fits most) thong underwear. Where you decide to wear it is up to you! The small vibrator itself features a shape contoured to the body, with a mound that rests over the clitoris, providing pleasure exactly where needed. The app features numerous ways to take control: using the volume control buttons on your phone, tapping your screen, waving the phone around in the air, voice control, and even an option to let music guide the vibrations. If these sound too fancy, no worries. There are four easy pre-set vibration patterns to choose from too.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sex Toys for Men

Shirtless sexy male model lying alone on his bed
Although there aren't quite as many sex toy options for men, there may be more than you realize. From tools that make masturbation easier and more intense to sex toys that you can use during sex, there are plenty innovative sex toys for men on the market!


The Fleshlight might be the most men's toy available. It's encased in hard plastic that looks like a flashlight for giants. When you take off the cap, you're greeted by an opening – vagina, mouth or anus depending upon your model. Many are designed after famous porn starlets, and there's even a line designed after lusty male stars!

The soft material inside of Fleshlights surrounds your penis, and there are literally dozens of textures, some of which are limited edition. You'll be swatched in ridges, bumps, swirls and more. Can it get better? Yes!

Fleshlights allow you to add suction by twisting over the opposite end of the toy. Plus, you can choose the color of the case and sleeve, the latter which is available in clear, blue and beige. The Fleshlight you buy is unique to you.

Accessories allow you to mount your Fleshlight to the shower wall or use it with your iPad, too.

If you're looking for a similar toy, try the Autoblow line.


Strokers and other masturbators are made from soft materials. You use the grip of your hand to provide sensation, and you can easily rinse strokers before storing in between uses.

Masturbators come in all sorts of shape and sizes, from realistic body parts to contemporary designs that are more discreet. A few even allow you to use a bullet vibrator in conjunction. Sleeves aren't necessarily known for their resilience, and many of them eventually rip. But they can help you determine the materials and textures that you prefer.

One particular note is the Tenga brand whose disposable strokers come in adorable eggs that you break open to reveal their prize. The Soft Cup line encases the Tenga sleeves in an adjustable cup, and the Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator is a revolutionary sex toy that enables you to insert your penis seamlessly thanks to the folding design.

Another unique type of stroker is the kind that has a handle. Your penis slips through a hole similar to an enlarged bubble wand, and you use the handle to stroke yourself. These strokers may vibrate or have another function as is the case with the Sqweel. This sex toy for men features soft silicone “tongues” that lap at your shaft as you use it.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How Sex Changes in Your Thirties

There's an adage that men reach their sexual peaks in their 20s while women reach their peaks in their 30s. Although it's obviously incorrect that a man will no longer desire sex once he reaches his thirtieth birthday, many women do feel more comfortable with their sexualities once they pass those same birthdays. Why is this?

Multiple factors are involved, and we'll discuss them.

  • They're more likely to be in a stable relationship. So they can ask for what you want without fear of judgment, and they've got time to explore anything from role playing to BDSM. Plus, you might focus on preventing pregnancy (or trying to get pregnant) without the fear of STI transmission so that you might ditch condoms for the first time in exchange for other types of birth control.
  • They're aware of how time is passing. Many people no longer feel young, mentally or physically, once they're in their thirties. Time is passing, and you can't get it back. So you try to make better use of time, and who has the time to be having bad or mediocre sex? This freedom allows women to speak up to get theirs when, previously, they may have just lay there and taken it.
  • They recognize that everyone is self-conscious about their bodies. Other women. Their partners. So they take a deep breath and get into positions that might not be flattering but feel good. They have sex with the light on for the first time. They're sexually emboldened and having better sex because of it!
  • They've had more partners and more time to masturbate. This allows women to better know what they like, which is vastly different from what men may like or even other women. The knowledge paired with a little timely impatience means women go for what they want.
  • They've ditched culturally-imbued slut-shaming. Humans like sex, both men and women! But girls and women are often taught that it's bad to show this desire. Once a woman hits thirty, she might give up on denying herself that pleasure for another decade, and we think that's great!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

8 Innovative Sex Toys You've Got to See to Believe

adult girl choosing toys in sex shop
If you're looking for a new sex toy to add excitement to your sex life, then look no further than this list. You might have missed some of the latest sex toy technology on the market, but we've got information on all the innovate sex toys and how those toys will work for you.

1. Warming Vibrators

Whether you're in the middle of the cold front that's taken over much of the country or you simply like to heat things up, a warming vibrator is just what the doctor ordered. These vibrators offer a gradual warming function without need for an AC adapter or the risk of burning yourself; although, you can use these toys without warming if you'd like.

We carry one such toy, the Summer Lovin' Vibrator, but there are a few more options in the market if you'd like a different shape or size.

2. Partner Toys

Toys dedicated to using with your partner have always existed, but We-Vibe was among the first companies to take it to the next step. The We-Vibe is a vibrator intended to be worn vaginally during intercourse. Through the years, the company has added features such as flexibility and a remote control.

Check out the newest version of the We-Vibe Sync, a silicone-coated couple's vibrator that comes with its own charging dock, remote control and adjustable shape. You can even use it remotely thanks to the compatible app.

Lelo's Tiani is another couples' vibrator, and it uses an original remote control that responds to movement.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

7 Sex Toy Mistakes You're Making

Fun Factory Vibrators with a Bag on White Background
Did you know that using sex toys wrong could lead to infection, a broken sex toy or worse? Sex toys are a fantastic addition to your sex life, but you should take a few moments to get to know your toys and go over some safety basics before using them.

Fortunately, we've got the lowdown on using sex toys, so you can avoid these 7 sex toy mistakes.

1. You're Still Using Jelly Toys

Many of us purchased jelly toys when we first started experimenting because they were plentiful and cheap, but that's not all jelly toys are. They can be unhealthy because they're porous, which means bacteria can remain embedded in the material no matter how thoroughly you scrub them. This porosity can be seen as jelly toys melt together over time.

Silicone offers a nonporous alternative that's safe to swap between orifices or partners, store side-by-side, comes in a variety of colors and can be just as hard as your favorite jelly toy or as hard as glass (nearly). Prices are also surprisingly affordable.

With care, a silicone toy can last for a lifetime.

2. You're Going Ass to Vagina (or Mouth)

While this dubious activity seems common in porn, it's not safe in real life. The anus contains bacteria that can lead to infections if you swap toys without fully disinfecting them. That's why we recommend nonporous materials such as silicone. Glass, stainless steel, ceramic, treated wood and ceramic are also nonporous and can be safely used vaginally as long you disinfect them first.

There are a few ways to disinfect nonporous toys:
  • Boil toys without a motor for at least 3 minutes.
  • Spray toys with motors with a 10% bleach solution, allow it to sit, then rinse dry.
  • Place toys without a motor on the top rack of your dishwasher and run a cycle without soap.

If you don't plan to orifice swap, a soap-and-water wash or using sex toy cleaner should do the trick.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to Gift Sex Toys Like a Pro

Surprised santa woman with gift box vintage
Based on the holly jolly spreading through retailers across the country, the various winter holidays and their inevitable gift-giving quandaries are nigh. Since the whole point of gift giving is to put a smile on the receiver’s face, it makes sense that sex toys might be high up on the list of wants. It also makes sense that the uncertainty in buying a sex toy as a gift might lead some to err on the side of shopping at a big box store instead. This year, though, we've got your back with this fail proof guide to giving sex toys as a gift.

Make Good Decisions

The absolute best way to make sure your sex toy gift goes over well is to make good decisions about who to give them to. While you may jump for joy over a surprise new rabbit vibe, not everyone is going to feel the same. In fact, you may find that  even your hippest friends may be uncomfortable receiving a sex toy as a gift if they aren't having sex with you. Also, if your relationship is closer to acquaintance than friend, it might feel a lot like harassment to receive such a gift.

Make sure you know that the recipient will be ok with receiving a sex toy from you specifically. Now is not the time to antagonize your conservative friend for laughs. Be kind and get consent before you waste your time and money.

Know Their Preferences

Everybody's body is a little different. So, picking the perfect toy often starts with a research project, which is part of the fun. Even if you know what they like in general, you may not know what they want specifically or ideally. Try to find out if a certain toy or category is on their shortlist. Perhaps ask about some components of their dream toy.

Often a passive night of online shopping can be enough to point you in the right direction, but you could also ask outright. If you prefer to keep the mystery, maybe talk about what you like instead.