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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How Sex Changes in Your Thirties

There's an adage that men reach their sexual peaks in their 20s while women reach their peaks in their 30s. Although it's obviously incorrect that a man will no longer desire sex once he reaches his thirtieth birthday, many women do feel more comfortable with their sexualities once they pass those same birthdays. Why is this?

Multiple factors are involved, and we'll discuss them.

  • They're more likely to be in a stable relationship. So they can ask for what you want without fear of judgment, and they've got time to explore anything from role playing to BDSM. Plus, you might focus on preventing pregnancy (or trying to get pregnant) without the fear of STI transmission so that you might ditch condoms for the first time in exchange for other types of birth control.
  • They're aware of how time is passing. Many people no longer feel young, mentally or physically, once they're in their thirties. Time is passing, and you can't get it back. So you try to make better use of time, and who has the time to be having bad or mediocre sex? This freedom allows women to speak up to get theirs when, previously, they may have just lay there and taken it.
  • They recognize that everyone is self-conscious about their bodies. Other women. Their partners. So they take a deep breath and get into positions that might not be flattering but feel good. They have sex with the light on for the first time. They're sexually emboldened and having better sex because of it!
  • They've had more partners and more time to masturbate. This allows women to better know what they like, which is vastly different from what men may like or even other women. The knowledge paired with a little timely impatience means women go for what they want.
  • They've ditched culturally-imbued slut-shaming. Humans like sex, both men and women! But girls and women are often taught that it's bad to show this desire. Once a woman hits thirty, she might give up on denying herself that pleasure for another decade, and we think that's great!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

8 Innovative Sex Toys You've Got to See to Believe

adult girl choosing toys in sex shop
If you're looking for a new sex toy to add excitement to your sex life, then look no further than this list. You might have missed some of the latest sex toy technology on the market, but we've got information on all the innovate sex toys and how those toys will work for you.

1. Warming Vibrators

Whether you're in the middle of the cold front that's taken over much of the country or you simply like to heat things up, a warming vibrator is just what the doctor ordered. These vibrators offer a gradual warming function without need for an AC adapter or the risk of burning yourself; although, you can use these toys without warming if you'd like.

We carry one such toy, the Summer Lovin' Vibrator, but there are a few more options in the market if you'd like a different shape or size.

2. Partner Toys

Toys dedicated to using with your partner have always existed, but We-Vibe was among the first companies to take it to the next step. The We-Vibe is a vibrator intended to be worn vaginally during intercourse. Through the years, the company has added features such as flexibility and a remote control.

Check out the newest version of the We-Vibe Sync, a silicone-coated couple's vibrator that comes with its own charging dock, remote control and adjustable shape. You can even use it remotely thanks to the compatible app.

Lelo's Tiani is another couples' vibrator, and it uses an original remote control that responds to movement.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

7 Sex Toy Mistakes You're Making

Fun Factory Vibrators with a Bag on White Background
Did you know that using sex toys wrong could lead to infection, a broken sex toy or worse? Sex toys are a fantastic addition to your sex life, but you should take a few moments to get to know your toys and go over some safety basics before using them.

Fortunately, we've got the lowdown on using sex toys, so you can avoid these 7 sex toy mistakes.

1. You're Still Using Jelly Toys

Many of us purchased jelly toys when we first started experimenting because they were plentiful and cheap, but that's not all jelly toys are. They can be unhealthy because they're porous, which means bacteria can remain embedded in the material no matter how thoroughly you scrub them. This porosity can be seen as jelly toys melt together over time.

Silicone offers a nonporous alternative that's safe to swap between orifices or partners, store side-by-side, comes in a variety of colors and can be just as hard as your favorite jelly toy or as hard as glass (nearly). Prices are also surprisingly affordable.

With care, a silicone toy can last for a lifetime.

2. You're Going Ass to Vagina (or Mouth)

While this dubious activity seems common in porn, it's not safe in real life. The anus contains bacteria that can lead to infections if you swap toys without fully disinfecting them. That's why we recommend nonporous materials such as silicone. Glass, stainless steel, ceramic, treated wood and ceramic are also nonporous and can be safely used vaginally as long you disinfect them first.

There are a few ways to disinfect nonporous toys:
  • Boil toys without a motor for at least 3 minutes.
  • Spray toys with motors with a 10% bleach solution, allow it to sit, then rinse dry.
  • Place toys without a motor on the top rack of your dishwasher and run a cycle without soap.

If you don't plan to orifice swap, a soap-and-water wash or using sex toy cleaner should do the trick.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to Gift Sex Toys Like a Pro

Surprised santa woman with gift box vintage
Based on the holly jolly spreading through retailers across the country, the various winter holidays and their inevitable gift-giving quandaries are nigh. Since the whole point of gift giving is to put a smile on the receiver’s face, it makes sense that sex toys might be high up on the list of wants. It also makes sense that the uncertainty in buying a sex toy as a gift might lead some to err on the side of shopping at a big box store instead. This year, though, we've got your back with this fail proof guide to giving sex toys as a gift.

Make Good Decisions

The absolute best way to make sure your sex toy gift goes over well is to make good decisions about who to give them to. While you may jump for joy over a surprise new rabbit vibe, not everyone is going to feel the same. In fact, you may find that  even your hippest friends may be uncomfortable receiving a sex toy as a gift if they aren't having sex with you. Also, if your relationship is closer to acquaintance than friend, it might feel a lot like harassment to receive such a gift.

Make sure you know that the recipient will be ok with receiving a sex toy from you specifically. Now is not the time to antagonize your conservative friend for laughs. Be kind and get consent before you waste your time and money.

Know Their Preferences

Everybody's body is a little different. So, picking the perfect toy often starts with a research project, which is part of the fun. Even if you know what they like in general, you may not know what they want specifically or ideally. Try to find out if a certain toy or category is on their shortlist. Perhaps ask about some components of their dream toy.

Often a passive night of online shopping can be enough to point you in the right direction, but you could also ask outright. If you prefer to keep the mystery, maybe talk about what you like instead.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tips for a Safe Hookup

fashion studio photo of impassioned beautiful couple. sexy woman with blond hair and handsome brunette man
Now more than ever, hookups are on trend. There's no need to spend countless dates getting to know a good-looking stranger if all you want is something physical. Hookups allow both men and women to get theirs, and there's certainly nothing wrong with them.

However, a hookup isn't without risk, especially with apps and sites that match you up with strangers about whom you might not have a lot of information. Follow our advice for a hookup that's both safe and sexy.

Don't Forget About Safer Sex During Your Hookups

To start, you want to have safer sex. This means protecting against pregnancy and STI transmission. Even if you're on a type of birth control (the pill, patch or shot, for example), using condoms is important to protect against sexually transmitted infections. We don't mean to imply that your hookup partner is hiding anything from you, but some STIs can fly under the radar. Even if you're a woman, bring your own condoms just to be covered.

With that in mind, condoms don't protect against every type of infection. HPV, for example, is one STI that can be passed on via skin-to-skin contact, so condoms won't be effective. It's always smart to disclose your STI status before hooking up with someone, but this may not be possible or practical with a one-night stand, so safety is a must!

Some people like to go the extra mile by bringing along dental dams, which you can use when performing oral sex on a partner to reduce the risk of STI transmission. Non-latex gloves are great during manual stimulation, especially of the anus.

The last thing you should add to your safer sex kit is lubrication. It makes things slippery and smooth. It can also prevent micro-abrasions from the friction of sex, which sounds pretty safe to us! If you show up prepared for sex, your partner will definitely be impressed.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cirilla's Awarded Best Adult Toy Store

Nuvo & Leo Weekly Best of Covers 2016
A big thank you to our customers in Louisville and Indianapolis for voting us the "Best Adult Store". We are honored to have won the Leo Readers' Choice award for "Best Adult/Erotic Store" 13 years in a row.  Our Indianapolis customers also named us Nuvo's "Best Adult Toy Store" for the 3rd year in a row. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Best Adult/Erotic Store


For LEO’s last Valentine’s Day issue, I drove to every adult/erotic store in the city to ask: “How kinky is Louisville?” I didn’t know what to expect, but the people working at Cirilla’s couldn’t have been nicer. They know their trade, they don’t judge and they just want to help you find your kink. But seriously, don’t ask them to come home and try out your new toy with them … not cool. — Ethan Smith

See the full article here

Best Adult Toy Store 


Dildos! Get yer dildos here! Dongs! Dildos, vibrators and butt plugs! Lace panties and fireman outfits! Come one, er, come all! This longtime favorite supplies everything you need to get freaky. Need a recommendation? They’ve got a friendly, knowledgeable staff! Don’t quite know what you want? Get a surprise grab bag for a man, a woman or a couple, filled with an assortment of toys to rev your engine solo or together. They also have a wide selection of costumes, lingerie, fetish toys, DVDs and other goodies. The point is, get down there and get off creatively!

See the full article here

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Silicone Lube vs. Silicone Toys

sex shop
The wide world of personal lubricants is confusing at best. Thankfully, most of the questions and confusions can be solved with a simple Google search. Still, not all are.

For example, the question of if one can use silicone lubes with silicone sex toys takes more than a leisurely stroll, mainly because the answers are many, incomplete, and very conflicting. From the research I’ve done – you’re welcome – the answer is far simpler than it appears.

In short, you can absolutely use silicone lubes with silicone sex toys, but you have to be cautious about the ingredients. If you are unsure, it is always best to stick with a water-based lubricant.

The problem with silicone on silicone love 

Those familiar with the experience of opening a drawer to find two toys hopelessly and spontaneously melted together know just how frustrating chemical reactions can be. Luckily, in the case of silicone vs. silicone, the problem isn’t so much that the silicone itself is the falling apart. Instead, the problem is actually the extra ingredients some manufacturers add to their toys for price savings. Well, that or the way they turn the liquid silicone into the firm elastic stuff you’re familiar with, otherwise known as curing.

Silicone – officially known as silicone rubber despite it being rubber-free – is a sticky liquid mixture of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In its pure state, it’s highly stable and is one of the safest materials we can use with our bodies. It’s also very expensive and capitalism makes some manufactures add a little more to that simple mixture to make it stretch a little further – a dildo puttanesca, if you will.

While every poor community since the dawn of currency can appreciate a little cost savings, sometimes the additives can make the mixture less stable chemically and/or simply more reactive to chemicals and solvents… like oils, other sex toys and, sadly, silicone lubes. The lubes themselves can have a similar problem. Usually, though, it simply changes the firmness or elasticity.
If you’re using a pure toy with a diluted lube or vice versa, everything should be fine. If they’re both diluted, then you can have a problem. That problem being a molecular breakdown, which could cause your lube to fuse to the toy or un-cure the silicone of the toy mixture back to its natural state. Either of those is something you’re best served by avoiding. Here’s how…