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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gift Ideas To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

If you’re over the pink, the heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and the generic check-out lane bought bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, consider these five unique ideas.

Gift Mutual Lingerie

Why not take your partner shopping for some sexy under things? This can be a great way for both of you to play in the store and get some new garb to wear for your erotic encounters. Single? Take this time to splurge and do something special for yourself! Buy yourself anything that makes you feel sexy or helps you boost your confidence in the bedroom. Get double your money’s worth by not only getting to look extra sexy, but use the chance to do an slow strip tease for your partner as well.

Snail Mail an Erotic Letter

The art of letter writing is slowly becoming a lost art. Surprise your partner by actually hand writing them a letter and sending it in the mail. The letter can be as mild or wild as you would like. It can describe things that you love about them or a very graphic, detailed letter about what you plan to do to them on Valentine’s night.

Love Coupons

Who wouldn’t want to have their Valentine’s Day gift last all year long. Showcase your crafty side and a make some love coupons for your partner. You can gift them a pile to use whenever or they can be specific for each month of the year. They can range from ‘One Hour Massage’ to ‘Lover’s Choice.’ This is an inexpensive way to show your partner that you care and that took some time and thought into making their gift. Surprise them with how creative you can be! Single? Do something special just for you because a little self love is great.

Body Buffet

Do you and your partner have a favorite place to order take out from? Maybe one of you is an amazing kitchen master. Either way, this gift only requires food and a body. Forget the plates and get naked. Enjoy your favorite meal off of your partner’s skin. The subtle soft touch of lips on skin will definitely stir some arousal. Clearly this is not a good idea for soup or other liquids. Also, be wary of chocolate sauce, it can stain your sheets. Please eat with caution. And if you’re single, treat yourself to your favorite meal because you’re worth it.

Watch an Erotic Movie

Instead of going out to the theater, enjoy the comforts of home with an erotic movie. You can do this after a dinner out or a date night in. Choose a movie that both you and your partner water to watch and tuck in for a good night. If you happen to get some sexual inspiration from the images on screen, feel free to act them out. For those without a partner, watch whatever you want!

Forget the commercial meaning of Valentine’s Day and make it something special. Show your partner how much you love and care about them by doing meaningful things with them. Never think that breaking the bank will mean more to your partner than some creative, sexy, and well made plans.

By Megan Stubbs  
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