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Monday, August 7, 2017

Four Sex Toys to Heat Up (Or Cool Down) Your Summer

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It’s official. Summer has arrived, and so has the heat that comes with it. While some of us thrive in sticky humidity and scorching sun, others turn into sweaty grumpy blobs. I think many people would agree that ninety-something degree days aren’t exactly a time where they feel most sexy, but fear not. Here to end those steamy days with some even steamier nights are four sex toys perfect for summer. Whether you’re planning on lounging by the beach or hiding inside with the air conditioner blasting, one of these toys may just be the perfect fit for you!

Wicked Ultra Chill Lubricant

This slip and slide is for adults only! Perfect for cooling off on hot summer days, Wicked Ultra Chill lube is specially formulated to cause a cooling sensation wherever applied. It’s silicone formula has only a few simple ingredients, and includes menthol for it’s namesake chill. Lube is great for all sorts of sexy activities, whether you’re using hands, a penis, or a toy. In my humble opinion, a lube that tingles like this one does could be regarded as a sex toy on it’s own. Try putting it in the refrigerator for some extra shivers!

Pipedream Icicles No. 46 Glass Massager

If cooling lube isn’t enough to beat the heat, try temperature play! Glass (and metal) toys hold temperatures wonderfully, making cooling down or heating up your sex life as easy as pouring yourself a glass of water. Try putting this prostate massager in cold water for a bit before insertion (never put in the freezer; you don’t want frostbite down there) to cool things down. Alternatively, soak your glass or metal toy in warm (never hot!) water to add some heat.

We-Vibe Tango

For vacations both near and far, pack a punch with a small, travel-friendly vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango. This isn’t one of the most popular small vibrators for nothing. It’s incredibly strong for it’s size, rechargeable, and waterproof (so it’s perfect for a relaxing bath or shower!). Small and lipstick-shaped, it’s a wonderfully discreet toy perfect for stowing away in your purse, carry-on, or suitcase.

Bonus tip: To avoid sex toys turning on during travel, pack in appropriately sized boxes. The We-Vibe Tango easily fits in a glasses case or even a pill bottle.

BS Atelier Oben Silicone Anal Dildo

Planning a stay-at-home vacation this year? No problem! With BS Atelier’s Oben dildo, you can bring the beach to you. These colors remind me of either the sand meeting the waves, or a fancy poolside beverage. Either way, the blue and yellow gradient creates a beautiful, tropical toy. The Oben comes in three sizes, all of which are perfect if trying out anal play is on your summer bucket list. It’s made of body-safe silicone too, which makes cleaning a (summer) breeze.

No matter your summer plans, trying out new things is a great way to spend such a lovely season, and these toys are perfect ways to do that. Summer vacation may be designed for the kids, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t play too!

By: Sammi
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  1. the one thing that always cools me down during those hot summer months of hot steamy sex is when my husband keeps a large ice filled glass of water next to the bed (or couch).
    IMHO he's THE jedi knight of cunnilingus. the cold sensation of is tongue on my clit drives me insane. he's gone as far as having an ice cube in his mouth, and using his tongue, slipped it inside me while licking my pussy lips.
    he says the cold sensation of my pussy as he slipped inside me was incredible!! i think my next toy will be a glass dildo, i'd LOVE to try that :-)

  2. i finally bought myself a glass dildo, and have been using it with great "success" for the past week or so. husband has been working long hours, and i know he's exhausted when he gets home, so ive been taking care of "business" on my own. it's just enough temporary satisfaction, but by friday morning, i was determined to get fucked. i set my plan in motion mid morning, sent an occasional text to him during the day, and he assured me he'd be home by dark, and we'd go out to eat. i spent the day laying out his favorite bra and thong, picked out his favorite heels, found a sexy low cut top, and a skirt that hits me upper mid thigh.i carefully cut out the crotch of my last pair of pantyhose and i trimmed a weeks worth of hair from my pussy
    he came home as planned,and showered, by the time he was done, i'd gotten dressed and was waiting for him on the couch. by the look on his face i could tell he was surprised, my skirt just barely covered my pussy, i gave him a kiss, and he reached between my legs to feel the lace the thong..
    we jumped in the truck, within a couple blocks, i'd slid over next to him, and fumbling with his zipper released his cock. a couple squeezes and strokes and he was at full attention, he dropped his right hand from the wheel to my thigh, and i spread my legs for him. his fingers found my pussy already wet, alternating between a finger inside me, and rubbing my clit, i was soon cumming to my 1st orgasm. we arrived at the restaurant, and a had a couple drinks, i knew the ride back home would be fantastic!!
    it was more than i ever expected! he got me off 2 or 3 more times, but i still wanted and NEEDED his cock inside me.
    we barely made it in the door before his hands had lifted my skirt and pulled my thong aside his tongue was working on my tight asshole, as he jammed 2 and 3 fingers inside my pussy, i was moaning, screaming, incoherently babbling as i came again and again.
    he finally stopped and let me by the hand to the bedroom, pushed me back on the bed, go himself positioned on top of me in a 69. his tongue found my clit, my mouth found the head of his cock. i did everything i could to make him cum, but he never did.
    i turned around and climbed on him cowgirl style, grinding my pussy against him, and riding him for all i was worth.
    bouncing up and down on him for what seemed like hours, he tense'd up, i sat down hard on him, as i felt him explode inside me as i squeezed his cock with a vicelike grip.
    as i climbed off him i could feel his cum running down the inside of my thighs. he pulled me up to his face and licked my pussy clean...
    we both immediately fell asleep still dressed...
    saturday morning came again all too soon, and i realized i was still completely dressed. he awakened as i walked across the hardwood floor, the sound of my heels clicking, he motioned me back to bed, his cock stiffening under the sheet...