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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Butts and Beaches and Bathing Suits, Oh My!: How Masturbation Can Help You Love Your Body

Four beautiful African American Bikini girls on the beach.

“Swimsuit Season” is upon us, and while some are thrilled to shed their clothes and show some skin, others dread the pool, beach, or lake, fearing what others will think of them for their body size. While there isn’t an overnight fix to overcome years of negative feelings about your body, there are some small steps that can help, and one of these unconventional tricks requires nothing more than your hand.

Feeling positive about your body is extremely difficult in a society filled with magazines emblazoned with the word “DIET” residing in every checkout line, the exact same body type on every movie screen, and jokes in which a larger bodied person is the punchline. Nearly every day we are told we are not attractive enough. Combating that takes work.

No matter one’s size or shape, everyone deserves to feel good about their body, and there are so many ways to do so: wearing clothes you love, exercising the way you like to, or practicing positive self-talk in the mirror. All of these are great options, and everyone will have a different preference for their source of good-feels. However, there might be another practice you haven’t yet thought of, and that’s masturbation.

From a physical and biological approach, masturbation simply feels good. Pleasure and orgasms cause chemicals called endorphins to be released in the brain, and these little hormones cause feelings of happiness and relaxation. Orgasms also cause muscles to relax, and encourage blood circulation throughout the body. For these physical reasons, masturbation (and sex in general!) is great for stress relief, helping to release physical and mental tension.

Masturbation is a great distraction from stress, and can also be an intentional moment of mindfulness. The goal of mindfulness, a practice often used in managing anxiety and stress, is to build the habit of focusing on the present moment instead of worrying about the past or what’s to come. Masturbating is an excellent way of bringing your attention away from worries and into your body, enjoying the pleasure at hand.

Pleasuring yourself is also just that, giving yourself pleasure. If having sex with someone is called “making love”, then masturbation could be akin to making love to yourself. Your body deserves to feel good. People have sex with one another because they’re attracted to one another, so why should sex with yourself be any different?

Just like sex has the potential to connect two people, masturbation can connect you with your own self. Both having control over and getting to know your body can give you a boost of confidence. Through self-pleasure, you learn what your body likes and how to make it feel good. Although it may seem like a stretch, feeling good in your body (Pleasure and orgasms!) can totally translate to feeling good about your body (Confidence and self-love!).

Masturbation may be often viewed as nothing more than a naughty secret act, but if you’re reading this little article on a sex toy store’s blog, than you may know that experiencing pleasure is neither naughty, nor does it need to be secretive. It has so many physical and mental health benefits, and using masturbation  to accept and appreciate your body is just one of it’s many perks. So get down to some self-lovin’ and lovin’ yourself.

By: Sammi
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  1. it truly must be the season.... at least to get caught masturbating....
    3 friggin times in the past 24 hours, i'd gotten "busy" with myself, late last night my husband caught me while i was on the phone with my bi GF, early this morning, my daughter had left for work, she came back home suddenly, and VERY early, and caught me again. 3 hours later she'd gone back to work, and my husband came home early, and walked in on me AGAIN. he stayed around this time and gave me a helping hand, (fingers actually, as well as taking over my rabbit vibe) i'm a little tender "down there" but my daughter is leaving again for work soon...

  2. DAMMIT! husband had gone to the hardware store for something, put the dog out, and my daughter left early for work, ....i put on some music, and closed all the curtains in the living room, grabbed my rabbit vibe from my toy drawer, dropped my undies on the floor, layed back on the couch and closed my eyes....
    it didnt take long before i was "in the zone" my mind was swimming with the thoughts of what i wanted to do with my husband once he got home.. OMG i was wet, horny ad my little bunny vibe was working his magic on me
    suddenly i heard "AHEM,hi auntie" WTF my niece is standing in the doorway! "uhhhh i'll wait outside"
    even with the interruption i was well on my way to having a gushing orgasm.
    after i finished and put away my toy, and grabbed a fresh thong to slip on under the long tshirt i was wearing, i went outside to invite my niece back in...
    it was an awkward conversation to say the least! at least she didnt get a good view of my naked pussy, but she was well aware of what i was doing. back when she started "exploring" herself, she'd come to me for advice, ( my sister refused to talk to her) i sat her down, and had "the talk" and we looked cirillas website, for her to pick out her 1st toy.
    next time i'll lock the back door LOL