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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

7 Reasons We Love Lube

What do you consider a must-have for amazing sex or solo time? We think that most people would benefit by adding lube to that list. However, people sometimes feel hesitant to use lube because they don't realize how awesome lube can be and that there's nothing wrong with using it. We're here to change a few minds about that, however. Without any further ado, here are seven reasons we love lube (and think you will, too!)

1. It Can Help You Get Pregnant

If you're trying to conceive or TTC, you'll find lube available to you that helps you to get pregnant. While most lubes are actually detrimental to sperm because of their osmolality – a measurement of particles dissolved in the solute – TTC lubes have an osmolality in the same range of sperm, which means the sperm remain healthy as they travel through vagina and cervix into the uterus.

Astroglide TTC, Pre-seed and Yes lube are among your options if you're trying to conceive.

2. It Makes Things More Comfortable

What does lubricant do? Well, it lubricates! This means added slickness and slipperiness when you're in the throes of passion. Even if you're young, healthy and incredibly turned on, you can benefit from lube. And if you take any medication or suffer from a condition that makes it difficult to produce your own lubricant, then personal lubricant is your friend.

Let's not forget about anal sex. The anus doesn't self-lubricate at all, so lube is a must! We recommend a thicker lube to provide cushioning for anal sex.

And lube isn't just for making it feel better for whoever is on the receiving end. Lack of lubrication can be unpleasant for the penetrating partner, too, which is why lube is everybody's friend!

But if you're going for a little solo play, lube is also a great tool to keep in your gear box. Water-based lube is compatible with everything, but you can use silicone lube with most inert toy materials (glass, wood, ceramic, plastic and metal) as well as high-quality silicone toys. Do a patch test on the base of a silicone lube and rub vigorously to see if it interacts.

3. It Helps You Go Longer

While using lube may not necessarily help you last longer, it does help you have longer sex sessions. Without lube, things can quickly become uncomfortable. But what if you're a person who needs longer to orgasm or you're hoping to orgasm multiple times?

Enter lube! A dollop helps things from becoming uncomfortable along the way and prevents that day-after discomfort that can arouse after a lengthy session in the sack!

4. It Adds Sensation

Are you looking for something a little different the next time you slip between the sheets? Lube can help with that, too (just like textured condoms add a little something special). You've got a few options. Everything from warming lubes to cooling lubes that tingle are available, and you can also get couple versions that do both and create a special sensation when you come together.

Do a spot test with sensation lubes to make sure they're not too intense, however. Try a bit on the inside of your wrist. If that's okay, a dab on your mons pubis can help you decide if it's something you really want on your genitals. If not, wash it off right away!

Psst, if you want to add a little flavor to your sex life, you have plenty to choose from, too

5. It Can Help Arouse You

A few personal lubricants are designed specifically to help you become aroused. They're mostly intended for women and shouldn't be used if you have genital herpes because the main ingredient, l-arginine, can trigger outbreaks. But if you know your body is okay with it, you might consider one of these lubes to rouse a sluggish clitoris.

6. It Performs Multiple Jobs

This point is mostly about silicone lube, the little go-getter that can do everything from smoothing flyaway hairs to reducing thigh chafing to acting as a massage glide when your favorite massage candle has run out.

Silicone lube is also the one you want in the shower because it won't dissolve in the water.

7. There Are Plenty of Options

Are you vegan? Looking for a natural lube? Have a sensitivity to certain ingredients? Then there's a lube for you! Sliquid is one lube maker that offers a variety of formulas for nearly every need, but they're far from the only company in town when it comes to finding the right lube for you.

By now, we hope you see that there's truly a lube for everyone. Lube is truly a product we love and love to recommend! What's not to love? You might be trying to conceive, have sensitive skin, be experiencing menopause or be an avid toy user, but there's a lube for you! You'll probably find that having a few different lubes serves you best (one for use with toys, one that stays slick in water and another that you like with partners), but we definitely recommend that you keep at least one bottle in

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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