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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

College Student Sex Hacks

A shot of an ethnic college student studying on campus

Sex can be awkward no matter who or where you are. Genitals make funny sounds, teeth bump, and sometimes you fall off the bed (No? Just me?). Some issues, however, are particularly applicable to university students. Just try parading down the hallway to the communal bathroom with a lubey dildo in your hand. These tips can help ease some of that awkwardness and send you on your safe and sexy way!

Fix That Awful Dorm Bed

A tiny squeaky rickety twin-sized bed is possibly the furthest thing from an ideal place for sex. To make things a little comfier, pile on mattress toppers, pillows and blankets, and be sure to have multiple sets of sheets in case things get messy. To stop the incessant squeaking, you have three options:
1. Oil the springs (Both vegetable oil and WD-40 are fine. Even silicone lube can work!).
2. Place a flat sheet between the springs and your mattress.
3. Get rid of the whole bed and put the mattress on the floor. Bonus point: loft the bed frame, put your mattress on the floor underneath, and hang sheets around it. Congratulations, you’re now 20 something years old and sleeping in a blanket fort every night. Sexy.
Those beds do have one thing going for them. Usually the frames offer a whole new world of places to tie rope. If you’re interested in bondage, now is a great time to get creative.

Discreetly Wash Your Sex Toys

Cleaning your sex toys is important. Washing away your gunk after playing keeps your toy from growing infection-causing bacteria on it, especially if it’s made of porous materials. Understandably, not everyone wants to walk down their dorm hallway carrying a fluid-covered dildo to wash in the communal bathroom. To keep things a little more discreet, place used toys in your shower caddy and take it with you when you go shower. For extra sneakiness, cut the bottom out of an old shampoo bottle and hide your toy inside to ensure no one sees it.

Get Free Stuff

If there’s a place on earth to get free stuff it’s on a college campus. Besides the T-shirts and can cozies, you can often find sex-related things too. The head of your dorm or the student assistants may have free condoms and dental dams available, and so might your university health services or LGBT center. These locations may also offer free and confidential STI testing, as well as access to support groups for queer and trans students.

Be Safe

If weekend parties are the way you find your sex pals, make sure to keep yourself safe and sound. First, parties are better (and safer!) when you arrive and leave with a friend. Stay safe getting home, too. Most universities have what’s called the “blue light system”. From anywhere you stand on campus you should be able to see a blue light, and from any blue light you should be able to see another one. Pressing the button alerts the police that you feel unsafe and require assistance. Many universities also have student safety officers who monitor the campus on weekends, or who you can call to drive or walk you home.

College is stereotypically a time for sexual exploration and rambunctiousness, but whether you’re out looking for a hookup every weekend or tucked in bed with your favorite sex toy (or doing nothing sexual at all!), make sure to get consent, communicate, and stay safe.

By: Sammi
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