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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Creative Ideas for Storing Your Sex Toy Collection

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While you can purchase a variety of storage options intended specifically for sex toys, these tend to be more costly and don't scale well as your collection grows. Many of these items disguise your toys – tissue box covers with hidden compartments and pillows with hollow centers – if that's your main concern and you only own a few toys. But as you branch out and add new items to your collection, you might need to get creative with sex toy storage. We've got a few ideas to help you calm that clutter!

Of course, if you're a purveyor of sex toys and want everyone to know, you might just place all your vibrators and dildos in a decorative wine rack on your dresser or nightstand. That's not as practical as some people require, however.

Over-the-door storage solutions might be intended for shoes or even toiletries, but they also work well for many vibrators and dildos, not to mention lube! Just hook it on your bedroom or even closet door, and you're good to go. You can store your charging cables with the toy in the clear pockets, which makes it easy for you to grab any toy that you wish to play with. Plus, toys aren't stored touching one another, so there's no worry about any interactions.

Continuing with the over-the-door theme, there are hooks that can just as easily hold a flogger as they can a towel. But if you have multiple BDSM implements, you might need more space than even a multi-hook provides. Consider a tie or skirt hanger that will allow you to hang your items straight, so the only thing that will be kinky is you and not the tails of your toys. Or you can use a key holder for a few items. For the serious connoisseur of impact play toys and other goodies, a peg board like you would see in a workshop is a versatile tool.

Need something more discreet? There are plenty of other shoe organizers to choose from. Or you can consider a jewelry dresser with shallow drawers that are perfect for your sexy accouterments. Another option is to re-purpose a buffet table from the dining room to use to keep all your sex toys organized. Got an old wardrobe or entertainment center? Don't toss it out! There may be life in it just yet – as sex toy storage!

If your bed is high enough, consider an under-the-bed tote. These are short but long to accommodate a variety of goodies, including sex toys. Wheels make them easier to pull out and put back in black with no one the wiser.

When you find your nightstand overflowing with toys, consider plastic drawer carts. They're cost-effective and come with option wheels, which makes moving them easy, and many of them stack should you need taller options. Narrow carts don't require a lot of room, either. Some even come with integrated trays on that that would conveniently hold your accessories and lube.

Speaking of all things small and easily lost (we're talking about cables, batteries (you should remove them in between uses to prevent them from leaking and ruining your toys), adapters, and more), you can buy tackle or tool boxes that won't break the bank to store all the odds and ends. Bonus: they come with handles (and sometimes wheels) built in! Otherwise, you can grab some drawer dividers (think the ones for silverware or socks) to keep everything in its place.

That leads us to travel. Storage options are all well and good, but sometimes you need to take your sex toys to your lover's house or a play party. What do you do then? Don't fret because we have ideas for even the most awkwardly-shaped toys.

A duffel bag or similarly small piece of luggage often does the trick, and you probably own one. Professional cosmetic cases roll just like luggage and have various compartments to keep items in place. Liberator makes chic toy bags, however, if you're more concerned with form. Although laptop bags aren't as handy for traveling with sex toys because they lack straps and compartments to keep everything in place, they are an option, as are briefcases. In fact, many sex toy storage cases resemble briefcases, and some lock!

What about floggers, canes, and even larger massagers? Try a roll-up brush holder intended for artists for your shorter items or a poster storage tube with shoulder strap for the longer pieces.

If you're in the mood for a DIY project, consider something like a recessed medicine cabinet only much taller. You might have seen similar storage for accessories such as shoes and scarves or even spices. It'll work just as nice to hold your whips, and you can pick a mirror or decorative door that suits your tastes. Another DIY idea? A window seat that holds all your naughty gear while still being functional.

Your toy collection will determine the type of storage you need, and your space might limit the solutions you can try. Keep an eye out the next time you're at a furniture store or in the home goods department. You might be surprised at what you can use to store – or hide – your sex toys as long as you're willing to get creative about it.

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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