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Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Give a Sex Toy As a Gift

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Birthdays, bachelor parties, divorces. What do these events have in common? They're all occurrences where it might be appropriate to give someone a sex toy. However, vibrators, dildos, and other sexy extras are not always the right choice for a gift. Here's what you need to know if you're considering giving a sex toy to someone.

Know Your Recipient

If your potential receiver is quite closed off about sex or even publicly prudish, then a sex toy is a bad idea – even as a gag. Furthermore, if you don't know your intended receiver well enough to know where they stand on the subject of sex toys, then you don't know them well enough to buy them a sex toy!

For this reason, buying a sex toy for your significant other doesn't usually present an issue. And you might also feel comfortable purchasing a sex toy or accessory for a good friend or even a sibling. Regardless of your level of closeness, if you're unsure how well this present will go over, you can hint at the gift and pay close attention to their reaction.

Buying a sex toy is such a personal endeavor. Do you prefer clitoral, nipple, vaginal, anus, penile, or some other type of stimulation? What about vibrations: should they be buzzy or deep? Is a rechargeable vibrator better or one that uses batteries more convenient? Do you prefer a plug-in wand that has Earth-shaking vibrations?

I say this not to dissuade you from buying someone a sex toy as a gift but to remind you to think of the recipient whose preference may differ from yours. You might prefer external stimulation or a dildo as thick as your arm, but not everyone does.

Finally, don't buy a present for your significant other that's actually a gift for you. While it might be fun to try something new in the bedroom, it's kinder to give them a gift that will enhance their own pleasure specifically.

Mind the Audience

If you give the bride-to-be a vibrator at her bridal shower, you might wind up offending her grandmother or future mother-in-law. The same gift might go over much better at a bachelor party. On the other hand, a friend who might be perfectly fine receiving a sex toy as a gift in private but might feel embarrassed to open such a present in the presence of others.

Don't Skimp

You can find sex toys available in a wide range of prices. While you might be tempted to buy something on the cheaper end, this could be a mistake especially if you're looking at rock-bottom prices on Amazon. The toy might be more likely to break or have its motor die at an inopportune moment. Furthermore, it could be made of a material that's no body-safe and could cause a reaction or even an infection (it's best to stick to plastic, glass, silicone, metal, or wood, all of which are body-safe).

The Internet is a great place to find reviews on toys if you're unsure. You can also check out sex toy reviewer's blogs to see what toys they like – and what they don't like.

Think Versatile

When you're shopping for someone whose preferences are well-known, you might opt for a particular toy such as a butt plug. However, if you're not sure or if your recipient is unfamiliar with sex toys, you might be better off buying something that can be more versatile.

For example, some G-spot toys can also be used for anal play. And many insertable vibrators can just as easily be used to stimulate the clitoris or nipples. If you buy something too specific and the person you're shopping for realizes they don't like that sort of stimulation, then they may simply have a sex toy that collects dust. But if you give them something that can be used in a variety of ways, it's easier for them to find a use for the toy.

Remember the Warranty

Some sex toys come with warranties, which is a nice option when you're buying for a friend. If something should happen to the toy, your friend may be able to get a replacement. Brands that offer a warranty include:

Screaming O
BS Atelier

Not every product may include a warranty, so make sure to investigate before you make your purchase.

Other manufacturers may offer warranties as well.

When In Doubt, Consider a Gift Card

While a gift card doesn't necessarily scream “personal,” it does come with a few perks. First, your recipient can buy whatever they want and at their own pace. If it's a card to an online retailer, they can shop from the privacy of their own home; otherwise, they can get their hands on the toy in store to see if they really like the size, shape, texture, and material. If they plan to use the toy with someone, say a spouse, the pair can shop together and find something that meets their needs as a couple. They might also find this activity quite sexy.

Don't Expect a Full Report

Just because you're close enough to someone to buy them a sex toy that will be accepted gratefully and used happily doesn't mean you should expect a detailed report about its use. It might simply not be the right toy for your recipient, or they may realize they're not comfortable using toys. While you might inquire whether they've enjoyed their gift, you definitely shouldn't press, and you should accept whatever answer they give you.

Of course, if this wasn't the toy for them and they're looking for advice to buy something a little more fitting, you can always offer our opinion!

The more you know about your intended recipient, the better the odds that you can buy them a sex toy that will be both appreciated and effective. A little research can prevent strain on your relationship and avoid embarrassing your friend.

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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