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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Five Must Try Woman on Top Positions

Are you in a sex position rut? Why not try a woman on top position? Roles are completely reversed in this configuration. This is a great way to be in charge of the action and still feel close with your partner. Being on top allows you to set whatever pace you like and how much penetration you want to receive. It is also makes it easier for you to try climax because you can adjust your body to receive better clitoral stimulation. And besides increasing your chances of orgasm, your partner loves to see you on top. Many people enjoy watching their partner take control and the front row view of breasts isn’t bad either. Don’t worry about any imperfections you think you may have. The last thing your partner is going to notice is that spot you missed shaving or whether or not you’re bloated from dinner, trust me. So relax, jump in the saddle and ride ‘em with these positions!

Standard Woman on Top

This is a great starting point for those who are not familiar with this position. Suddenly jumping on your partner can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be an awkward endeavor. You can ease into the position quite smoothly if you are already part way there. You can be laying side by side with your partner kissing and then you can move yourself so that you’re laying on top of them. Slide your body down theirs until you’re in the right spot. You can use an arm to push yourself up and lean your body forward so you can use your other hand to guide them into you. Once they are inside of you, you can continue to lay on them and make subtle hip movements or you can push yourself up to a seated position and make more exaggerated hip movements. 

What makes this such a great position is the freedom of motion that you and your partner have. While on top you are able to touch your breasts, massage your partner, kiss them, or stimulate your clitoris. And your partner is free to hold onto your hips while you’re riding them, touch your breasts, kiss your torso, or even stimulate your clitoris. 

Try some of these variations

Have your partner sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. If this is not accessible for them they can put their feet together with wide knees or simply sit with their legs in a V shape. While facing your partner, mount them so that your bodies are almost flush together. Embrace each other, kiss, and tilt your pelvis back and forth. 

First Chair
Have your partner sit in an armless chair and then mount them. Make sure the chair isn’t too high for your feet to touch the ground. You can use the floor to control the depth on your partner and create the right angle for great clitoral stimulation.

The Frog
In this position your partner is laying down flat and you mount them while keeping your knees bent and close to your chest. You can use your arms and thighs to bounce yourself up and down on them. Bonus for your partner, they get to watch your breasts move in time to your sexy motions.

The Slide
Have your partner sit on the couch or in an oversized chair and mount them with your knees bent. Slowly lower yourself backwards on your partner’s legs to the floor and use it to slide yourself against them. Because you are so open, this position can satisfy your inner wanton desires by giving your partner a visual feast of watching them go in and out of you.  

By Megan Stubbs
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