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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Intro To Sex Toys For Men

When it comes to sex toys it often seems like girls have all the fun. Recently sex toy manufacturers are starting to realize that some men may want something more than their own hand to help them in solo play. Some toys have been around for a long time but haven’t been explored or are simply not talked about much. There are many new toys too. You may be looking for some new ideas for sex toys for yourself or for your partner but some find the idea of male oriented sex toys a bit intimidating. Just as women are breaking free of sex toy stigma and normalizing the use of toys, so should men. To get you started, let’s take a walk through the men’s toy section and explain some of the options you have available to you.

Masturbation Sleeves

Sometimes your hand is not enough. It does a great job but there’s little variety unless, well, you change hands. Masturbation sleeves provide you with an option to enhance this stimulation with a variety of textures, pressure and sensations. The masturbation sleeves that I’m talking about here are not enclosed in rigid plastic but are the soft sleeve where you can feel the pressure of you own hand. Sleeves can come in body safe TPE (Thermo Plasticplastic Elastomor) or silicone. Some are closed at one end, which provides more suction. The open-ended sleeves are helpful if you don’t want too much stimulation at the head of the penis, you’re not a fan of lots of suction, or to use in conjunction with oral sex from another partner. Inside the sleeve can be found a variety of textures making it easy to find one that works for you or, better yet, gives you a variety to choose from.


Stokers are essentially masturbation sleeves with hard shells that give the stimulation of a masturbation sleeve but with a sturdier handle to hold on to. If you don’t need to feel your own hand, this is an option for you. The most well known stroker is the Fleshlight Fleshlight but you can find others similar to it. The stroker can look like a flashlight or some other tube shape. It has a closed end so you’ll get that more intense suction and the hard exterior may help to give you a more secure grip. They have textured interiors and can even vibrate. Strokers also come in both simple and anatomical shapes. This can add to the experience if your stroker is shaped like sensuous mouth, a luscious vulva or an arousing anus. You can get sexy furniture with slots to fit your stroker. Have a partner? Have them use the stroker on you for some sexy time that can feel like a threesome.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are used to slow the flow of blood though the penis during erection. Often used for erectile dysfunction in conjunction with a penis pump (more on that later) it can also be used to prolong erection for those without ED but who want more staying power during sex. It can extend an erection for a longer period of time and a delayed orgasm means a more intense orgasms. Cock rings can be soft and stretchy rubber or silicone or they can be hard metal or leather. The soft ring is placed at the base of the penis but can also be stretched under the testicles, which are pulled through the ring. The hard rings always go on the base of the penis with the testicles pulled through. It can also just be worn because it looks cool, like an accessory. Some even vibrate to add stimulation not only to the wearer but also to their partner. Caution should be taken when wearing one since a significant loss of blood flow can do significant damage. Be careful that the ring is not too tight or worn for too long.

Penis Pump

I’ve always wondered why the penis pump didn’t go the way of the Dodo bird. It seems like it’s been proven to not help with penis extension. I was surprised to find that it is a great tool to aid with erections. Using a pump then applying a cock ring can help people who have trouble getting it up and then maintaining it. With the use of a cock ring they get more time than they would have without it. The pump goes over the penis and should seal itself about the base of the penis. There is a bulb hand pump and as the air is sucked out of the pump it expands the penis and somewhat forces an erection to happen. This could be a good precursor to male masturbation or to sex in general, priming the pump before starting.

Prostate Stimulators, Butt Plugs and Other Anal Toys

Anal toys like butt plugs and prostate stimulators can be used to enhance the sexual experience. They need to be flanged (a wide angled bottom) to prevent losing it inside thus requiring a trip to the ER for removal. Always remember, “No base, without a trace.” You can get anatomically shaped prostate stimulators that are made to hit at just the right angle to hit the p-spot or you can find simple shaped butt plugs. Men can use anal beads too. Since I’ve covered anal toys before I won’t go into detail here. A prostate stimulator during sexy activities can enhance the sexual experience and possibly provide a p-spot orgasm.

Silicone Body Parts

You can find lifelike silicone body parts of nearly every kind. They come as a torso with just the breast and vagina, just a vagina, just an ass, or any combination of genitals or titillating part of the body. These parts are usually truncated and out of proportion/scale, meaning the breasts and vagina of can be close together on a really short torso. It can be a more inspirational toy as it looks more like the really thing than the Fleshlight but doesn’t look perfectly real though. If really life like is what you’re looking for you can get a life-sized love dolls that will have all the parts in much more life proportion. These are mighty expensive, though. There are classic blow up dolls but quality varies greatly, purchase wisely.

Toys For Everyone

As you can see there are many options for sex toys for men. Experiment with women’s sex toys too. A Magic Wand or vibrator used on the penis can be exhilarating. Explore here or at your local sex toy shop and don’t be afraid to ask the sale person for help. There’s no reason why men shouldn’t have an awesome full toy box too.

By: Technogeisha
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