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Friday, December 5, 2014

Sexy Time Strategies for the Holidays

Sexy Female Santa Seduces Man on Christmas

From Thanksgiving to New Years, we’re on an ever-speeding treadmill of events and obligations. We’re cooking, cleaning, shopping and spending more time with family and friends than at any other time of the year. The combination of stress and lack of free time makes it hard to even feel sexy much want to get sexy with anyone. We also eat and drink more than usual while having less time alone. It’s during this season that we need time to reconnect and take advantage of the great stress release and over all good cheer we get from sex. Don’t worry, these tips won’t get you on the naughty list but they might make both your and your partner’s spirits bright during the holidays.

One of the hardest things to do during the holidays is finding time to be sexy. The trick is to make time to be sexy. Even the smallest moments can make a difference. You can block out time to be together either early on a holiday morning before the rest of the house has awakened or scheduling a sexy break during the day or making time with an evening date. If you have to put it on a calendar or shopping list then make it so! Better to have sex on your to-do list than on your wish list. Set a reminder on your phone for a lunchtime lovemaking break or even just some sexy time alone after the kids have gone to bed. If you have kids get a sitter or, better yet, find someone who can take the kids for a little while. Put the grocery list aside and the shopping list away. Just focus on each other. Turning off all the problem solving, dinner menu planning and holiday logistics for even a short time is essential if you’re going to fully enjoy being with each other. It’ll all be there when you’re done and the release of hormones will combat stress and the revitalized feeling should help you go back to all that work with renewed vigor.

Between sexy times you can stay connected with your partner with some seductive eye contact across the crowded holiday dinner table, a nice long warm hug break while out shopping or stolen kisses while cooking. A touch on the knee, a squeeze of a hand or lingering fingers on your back can all be ways to stay connected with your partner. Send sexy texts or emails to each other, or go old school and write an intimate note. Make a sexy Santa list with things you’d like as a “gift” whether it’s a sex toy or something hot you want to do. Giving each other the gift of time together can be a wonderful way to perk up your holidays. Also, help yourself out by trying not to over indulge too much in food and drink. Not only can stress do a number on your libido, so can over eating unhealthy foods and drinking too much. It’s all about balancing out the delicious stuff with some healthy food and some stress reducing activities to make sure your sex drive doesn’t go on a winter holiday. Doing something fun like making a snowman together, taking a walk to look at holiday decorations or doing something creative together can help to banish those holiday blahs.

There are times when it may seem nearly impossible to find alone time. Whether you’re having a house full of guests or staying with family, having lots of other people in the house can really put a huge damper on things. Staying with parents can feel a little too much like being a teenager again while you’re worried being overhear or even barged in on. The same goes with having the family in your own house where people might be listening down the hallway or poised to push open your door to ask where they might find a bar of soap or a warm blanket. The trick here is making time to be alone without drawing too much attention to you. Really, if you’re in a relationship you should be able to excuse yourself from the group for alone time without school age giggling and teasing. We’re all adults here, right? Unfortunately, this is often not the case. You may just have to tell your guests you’re tired and need midday nap, one that coincides with your partner’s sudden need for a midday nap. Try for some morning sexy time before everyone wakes or, if you think you can stay awake after a day of holiday festivities, wait until everyone goes to bed.

No matter what time to sneak away there is another problem you may need to surmount, having quiet sex. Quiet sex may be a great exercise for many couples. You’ll probably have more eye contact, more non-verbal communication and might even find yourself enjoying the edgy challenge of not making any noise. Might be the hottest sex you’re ever had or at the very least the only sex you’re going to have until your extended family has returned home. Sex in the shower is great option for those that can’t help but be vocal. The running water can often drown out the sounds of hot sex. Sexy time in the tub during a nice warm bath can be an amazing way to reduce stress and enjoy some intimate time together. In all of these cases, a locked door is your friend.

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or another other variation of winter celebrations, make sure to make time for yourself and your partners. Even if you’re not partnered, schedule a little alone time. Downtime and self-care is crucial during this time when work, family and friends can be very demanding. There are many holiday stressors from recovering from Black Friday shopping madness, the stress of getting holiday cards out on time or the huge family gathering where cooking the right dish the right way is of vital importance. Gift yourself with some sexy downtime. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

By: Technogeisha
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