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Monday, January 5, 2015

Sex Toy Storage Solutions

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We’ve made it past Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Diwali, New Years and quite possibly even Three Kings Day. If you’re extra lucky you celebrated a birthday, anniversary or other gift-giving event at the same time. You also may have been extra naughty and nice to get an awesome sex toy as a gift or maybe you treated yourself to one. This is usually the time when after holiday storage is front and center on store circulars and in the seasonal aisle. It’s the perfect time of year to think about better sex toy storage solutions. Either you need some way to keep your sex toy stash in order or need some way to hide your collection from eyes. There are many ways to handle sex toy storage.

Pre-storage Protection

Ideally you should start by making sure each of your toys has it’s own cover or box. Unfortunately not every toy comes with a nice case or bag to store your toy afterward. Even a high-grade silicone toy can often just come in a plain plastic container that’s not conducive to storage afterward. Rather than just piling up your toys or letting them roll around unprotected, put each toy in a fabric bag, case or even the original container if it’s feasible. Take into account the material your toy is made out of and whether it needs batteries. You want to make sure that your toys are kept free of dirt and dust. You can find a nice selection of silky sex toy bags like Sugar Sak online. If you’re crafty you can even make your own. Chose something soft and silky that won’t leave lint on your toys nor scratch them in any way. Smaller storage containers can also help you keep instructions, chargers and cables with your toys. Some of you may still have toys that will react badly if they touch each other like plastic or jelly toys. You want to make sure they are covered so they don’t come in contact with other toys. Even a plastic ziplock style bag can help. Choose something that will protect the toy from getting dirty and collecting lint then store in a cool, dry place. Take batteries out of toys before storing and it’s always a good idea to fully charge your rechargables before you store them so they can be ready to use when you need them again. Always make sure your toys are clean and dry before returning them to storage.

Basic Storage

Maybe you’re tired of digging through a pile of dildos to find the right one or maybe you’ve realized that you’d rather have your toys separated so they don’t damage each other. Some people just like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. Organizing your toys can be done in a variety of ways. A simple solution, if you’re not concerned with you toys being out in the open, is an over the door organizer. It can be whatever kind of pocket organizer suits your needs; a shoe, pantry, purse or even a jewelry organizer may work. This way you don’t have to rummage through a drawer or box while leaving your bedside stand free for condoms, lube or other items you require. If having your collection behind your door is a bit too “out” for you, try a plastic drawer unit. Modular cube storage units seen at stores like Target, Kmart and other retailers work great. You can also try three or more drawer clear plastic drawer units or even underbed storage bins. They come in a variety of sizes and can be found almost anywhere even at discount retailers like Big Lots. Want something less transparent or better looking? Try an ottoman or bench with a hidden compartment. They can be as small as a cube or as long as a bedroom linen bench. While these don’t lock, they can be a discreet way to store your stuff. Another way to hide your toys is in a specially designed pillowcase like the ones made by Liberator and Sportsheets. This will keep your favorite toys close by, especially if you use them often. There’s also Sneaky Sacks that can hide your items by hanging them on a hanger then arranging a shirt or jacket over them to keep it hidden.

Advanced Storage Options

A plastic storage bin or a storage bench at the foot of the bed may not be enough for some of you, even the Sneak Sack can be opened if found. You might have super inquisitive little ones, or super inquisitive adults for that matter. Sometimes something as simple as looking for hidden gifts or even extra linens might mean someone may inadvertently uncover your toy collection. You may even have some higher end toys you want to protect. You may want to look into locked storage. You can find some really nice lined storage cases that will nice both inside and out while protecting your treasures. Devine and BMS Factory makes a variety of them in different sizes. They look very nice too, like fancy makeup cases. Some have built in combination locks, some use keys, and others can accommodate a padlock of your own. If you’re not looking for a stylish case you can find utilitarian storage lockers at places like Home Depot, The Container Store, office supply store or at your local big box retailer. Of course, almost anything can be had online so check out your favorite sex toy retailer. A locked suitcase works well too, you can find some cool vintage ones or just your basic modern style in thrift stores, antique store or on Craigslist.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you go through your toys before you purchase a storage container. Use this as a time to get rid of toys that aren’t in usable condition anymore. Figure out which items need bags or other storage solutions. Taking a good look at the size of your collection will help you choose the right size container. Don’t want to throw everything in there and find out you didn’t choose the right size! This is also a good time to organize by type or frequency of use. You can make sure everything works properly and that they have all the paperwork, cords and batteries they require. It’s also a good time to take a look at things like condoms and lube to make sure they’re still useable too. Think about how you use things and how often in deciding on your storage options. You can come up with some amazing storage options by using your imagination and thinking outside the sex toy box for an awesomely organized collection.

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