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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sexy Bath Time

Beautiful Couple is Taking a Bath

The bath is a great place to get a little dirty while you’re getting squeaky clean.  The bath can be a break from the cold polar vortex, to reconnect after a stressful day or just the only place your kids won’t barge into. There are some super sexy ways to enjoy your bath time, and shower time too. So let’s get that water going so it can be hot and steamy by the time we’re ready to dive in with some of these tips to make your bath time even hotter.

Slippery When Wet

Sex in the shower can be a slippery situation. Even getting into the right position in the tub can feel a little risky in the slip and fall department. You can find handles in many different sizes and configurations that adhere to your bath with a suction base. These are mighty strong as they’re made to take some manhandling. Sportsheets has a great line called, plainly, Sex in the Shower. They have single locking suction handles and single locking suction footrest. The footrest will come in handy when you want to change up positions and that narrow strip between those shallow tub corners gets too small. They even have a dual locking suction handle that has two suction ends if you need something more secure to hold on to. Want to get your kink on safely; they have something for that too. There are suction cup thigh restraints, wrist cuffs, and even a suction cup attached to a collar. They easily attached to any smooth surface. You just flip the locking lever up, press firmly against the wall, then flip lever down to activate suction. With these you can try different positions in the bath or shower with more confidence.

Grown Up Bath Toys

Sex toys in the tub can be lots of fun. You can bring a sex toy for solo play as a hot addition to partnered play. Pretty much any non-electronic toy is safe in the shower. You can even find dildos with suction cup bases that easily stick to the shower wall or edge of the tub. Companies like LELO, Jopen, We-Vibe, Minna Life, Je Joue and Jimmy Jane all have waterproof vibrators including anal toys, cock rings and male mastubators. A water resistant toy can only handle a light splash such as when cleaning or squirting. A waterproof toy is submersible so it can get fully wet. You can make getting clean sexy by trying one of the vibrating body sponges. Sportsheets comes thru again with a large soft sponge, sea sponge and a mesh sponge that have a pocket to insert a bullet vibe. They even have a loofah doggie style strap that you can use to exfoliate then use to give you extra support when you move on to hotter stuff. You can also find sex toys that don’t look like a sex toy at all but discretely disguised as a regular bath toy. Big Tease Toys makes some fun toy like vibrators that look like a rubber duckie, a cute little worm and even a retro rocket. There’s even the Maneater male massager that looks like an alien. These toys can sit in your tub or bathroom always at the ready while most people will think you have a cute bath toy on display. Inflatable bath pillows, while not really a sex toy, can help with certain positions too. You can find love mitts for the bath out there but most seem to be made out of unsafe jelly pvc. An all-natural bath mitt that’s soft and sensual will work just as well.

More Than Mr. Bubble

You can find lotions and oils specially formulated for wet sexy time in the tub. While you want something that’s not going to wash away, you still want to make sure your body oil, bubble bath or personal lube is body safe. Silicone based lubes, from companies like Sliquid, Pjur and Wet, are great for the bath as they don’t wash away as quickly as water-based lubes. Massage oils are not safe for internal use, and can be quite slippery so use caution when exiting or changing positions. A bubble bath with your partner can be sexy, just make sure it something that’s not going to cause irritation. There are some fun fizzy bubble bath balls; bath salts and the usual lotion type bubble bath. You can pick something sensually scented or something with a fun lively scent. Everyday bath soap can be excessively drying on genitalia and not recommended. Even everyday body wash should not be used internally and may not make the penis too happy if used as a “handy” lube. Be careful not to dry your sexy spots out, this can cause some really uncomfortable intimate body parts afterward and you don’t want to ruin the effect of your super sexy bath time together.

KISS (Keep It Simple Sexy)

When planning some tantalizing bath time together, try not to overthink it. Too many toys or too much bath oil can ruin the moment. Candles should be used safely and not put where they can be easily knocked over. Use body safe products that won’t irritate your super sensitive sexy parts. Use toys that are designed for underwater use and are also body safe. Just a simple bath or shower where you take time to wash each other, hands lingering in places, letting the relaxing quality of a warm bath or the sensual feeling of warm water falling on your skin help set the tone. Washing each other’s hair can even be sexy. If you’ve never used sex toys together in the bath, try things out to see what works for you and if you find you just want to enjoy each other’s body that perfectly ok, no accessories necessary. You can go for an Olympic medal in sex positions but choose things where you can get enough purchase to keep your footing. Those awesome suction handles can come in handy. You can use suction cup base dildos to create some hot threesome style action or tease each other with the scintillating feel of water jetting all over your body with a hand held shower head. A simple relaxing soak in the tube can be wonderful foreplay before moving into the bedroom. Whatever you do, find what makes you feel good and stay safe sexies.

By: Technogeisha
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