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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Masturbation Tips for Men

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Masturbation May is the perfect time to explore the art of self-pleasuring in ways you never have before. Masturbation has hidden health benefits. It not only feels good but it helps improve sexual performance, can improve your overall mood, can boost your immunity, help to prevent prostate cancer and even help with premature ejaculation issues. Unfortunately society has tried to attach shame to masturbation and many have grown up hearing lots of myths to discourage it. Many have not even looked into this healthy way of exploring your sexuality fully. Even long time fans are stuck in a rut, sticking to the same routine. Here are some tips to make the most of solo playtime.

Get To Know Your Body

Rather than rush to your usual go-to routine, try to explore other areas of your body. The penis consists of the shaft and it’s bulbous cap called the glans. Areas sensitive to touch aren’t just the shaft and glans in general. The frenulum, the area that connects the foreskin to the coronal ridge of the glans, is dense with sensitive nerve endings. There’s also your testicles, the area between your testicles and your anus called the perineum, and the anus which is also rich in nerve endings and is the best way to reach the prostate, or p-spot, for stimulation. You also have nipples that are sensitive to touch and temperature. Nipple play is not just people equipped with breasts; all nipples feel good when touched so try to include some time with them. Experimenting and getting to know your body more intimately might help you to discover new ways of pleasuring yourself.

Don’t Just Hit It and Quit it

A common routine is to just bang one out, a quick full hand yank that barrels toward orgasm. Delaying orgasm can lead to a more intense and longer orgasm experience. The kink community calls this “edging” or orgasm control and is basically a stop-and-start method. Bring yourself right up to the edge of ejaculation and then stop. Take enough of a break to stay turned on, maybe have your erection soften a bit, then start all over again. Doing this a couple of times before you let yourself orgasm will lead to more powerful orgasms. The start stop method can also help with longevity. Discovering ways to control your responses could help with early ejaculation issues too. You may find longer more fulfilling sexual experiences once you’ve worked on controlling and elongating your response time.

Alternatives to Just Stroking

Try moving in different angles and directions (underhand, overhand, or the other hand) to get different responses. Vary your grip or using only your fingers. Try rubbing the length of your shaft and the head of the penis with an open palm. Use your fingertips to tickle or tap certain areas, this may work especially well on the frenulum and perineum. Switch to your non-dominant hand for a change of pace. Add a twisting motion around the penis instead of just stroking up and down. You can move your penis back and forth rather than just stoking with your hand. You can also vary your positions. Instead of just sitting or lying down you can try other things like standing or kneeling. Trying lifting your knees towards your chest to gain better access to your testicles and perineum. Your testicles can be rubbed or even gently squeezed. Try different ways of stimulating that area. The perineum responds to stroking or even applying pressure. You can try prostate play along with penis stimulation. You can just use a butt plug or a specially designed toy for prostate stimulation.

Try New Toys

There are a wide variety of male masturbators out there now. There are several styles of masturbation sleeves on the market. There’s the Fleshlight that comes in a variety of inner textures and outer shapes. The Tenga Egg is an egg shaped masturbation device that comes in a variety of internal textures. It may not look like much when you first take the wrapper off of it but it can stretch quite a bit. Alternatives to sleeve masturbators are styles like the Pulse, which wraps around the penis and uses oscillation for a “grip and grind” style of stimulation. It’s specially designed to directly stimulate the frenulum. There’s also the Autoblow that uses a beads and springs mechanism to create a hands free masturbation toy.

Lube Choices

Lube makes masturbation so much better. Silicone based lubes are great for solo play since they retain their slickness longer than water based lubes. Silicone will also last longer in water so it’s a great choice for the shower or tub. Oil based lubes are an option since you’re not going to be using a condom to masturbate. Oil based lubes are perfect for tub and shower too. One lube that I found got one of the highest recommendations for masturbation was Wicked, a coconut oil based lube. There are quite a number of excellent choices out there like ID, Pjur and System JO to name a few. When looking for lube for male masturbation look for something that’s long lasting, body safe (no parabens or glycerin) and is safe to use with any of the toys you’re using. Household items like soap, shampoo, and hand lotion might dry your skin or cause irritation. Baby oil is an old standard that still works for most while coconut oil is a great all natural alternative.

Erotica and Porn

You may have found you’ve even fallen into a repeat pattern with your porn viewing. Most people search for their favorite scenes and hit those free clip sites for a quick turn on. Exploring other options may help to find something super hot out there that you didn’t know would float your boat. There is some exquisitely produced porn coming out right now on independent sites. Yes, these may require a subscription but it would be so worth it. Try a style you have never watched before. Maybe something slower paced that build you up little by little. You may find the slow build makes for a more intense orgasm. There are also great sites that just post really hot and sexy photos. Lady Cheeky has some delicious stuff on her site. Don’t forget to experiment with reading erotica. There’s not only some really steamy books to read but you can find titillating short stories on websites like Literotica.

Make Time for Solo Time

There are so many benefits that can be gleaned from masturbation. It’s a way of taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. You can make this time special by setting the mood and using lots of different accouterments or it can be quick and straight to the point if your time is short. Make a point to find some time no matter how brief. Everything from the endorphin boost to the stress release will improve your daily life.

By: Technogeisha
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