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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Masturbation Tips for Women

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May is the time where we focus on this amazing thing we all do called masturbation. One on one sexy time with yourself can do so much more for you than ever imagined. It can help your overall health such as regulating blood pressure, boosting your mood and bolstering your immune system. Taking time to explore yourself more closely can give you a better understanding of your body during sex. So loosen those shackles of shame that have hovered over self-pleasuring since time unmemorable. Here are some tips to get the most out of solo time.

Set the mood

Sometimes it not enough to just flop down on a bed and rub one out. Sometimes you need to set the mood. It’s like a date with yourself. Put out candles and put on sexy music, whatever you feel will put you in the mood. Make sure the room is comfortable and you will have private uninterrupted time, this can be a challenge if you’re a mom. Have everything you need close at hand like lube, toys, etc. You can get into the mood by watching some porn. Maybe even try a new genre you’ve never watched before. Take out some erotica and not only read it to yourself but try to read it out loud. Or take some time to check out some of the amazing photos available online. You’re imagination can help with the sexy feelings by fantasizing about some really hot steamy scenes. Have some mental role play with your favorite celebrity or hottie you’ve been thinking about.

Get to know your body

Probably one of the most talked about things during Masturbation May is how amazing the clitoris is. It’s just the tip of the iceberg up top but inside it has a two pronged body that helps deliver pleasure to so many parts from the top of the vulva all the way to the anus. You don’t just have to stimulate the clitoris to feel lots of sexy sensations. You can touch and stimulate parts of the labia, the mons pubis, the urethral sponge, the perineum even the anus can be included. Inside your vagina you also have the g-spot, not everyone can find their g-spot easily but this would be a good time to try. For those of you already familiar with their g-spot you can use some specially designed toys to help stimulate that spot since reaching it with your fingers is not always easy. The areas like the urethral sponge (between the clitoris and the vaginal opening) and perineum (between the vaginal opening and the anus) respond to pressure and touch. Take a look at some photos of the clitoris and vulva to help map it out for yourself. Try stimulating parts of the vulva in different areas and in different ways. Instead of just stroking try some soft taps, side to side motion or alternating circular motions. Bring yourself close to orgasm then stop, bringing something called “Edging” or orgasm control into play. This is bringing yourself close to orgasm but stopping before full release, letting it dissipate then starting back up again. This can lead to some intense and amazing orgasms. Also, don’t neglect your nipples. You can bring yourself to orgasm with nipple stimulation alone.

Trying New Toys

Masturbation is something that works wonderfully with simple manual stimulation but can be greatly enhance with toys. You can go for just vibration in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. There are tiny pocket rockets like the Silver Bullet, fingertip vibes like Jimmyjane’s HELLO TOUCH, lipstick vibes like the WeVibe Tango, palm sized vibrators geared towards clitoral stimulation like the Jimmyjane FORM 2, clitoral stimulators like the Lovehoney Sqweel, vibrating dildos like the LELO MONA or even a classic rabbit vibe like a LELO INA 2. Many toys come with different styles of vibration patterns (pulsing, rising and falling, random, continues and many more) that can be changed with a push of a button. The Magic Wand continues to be a very popular favorite but can be very intense. This once corded only massager turned go-to sex toy is now available in a rechargeable cordless version. You can find other wand style vibrators by other companies too. There’s unusual toys like the Stronic Eins that uses a thrusting motion and the Eroscillator with it’s many attachments. The basic dildo works for penetrative sexy fun. As with all toys just pick one in a body safe material like silicone, stainless steel, glass or ceramic.

Change Positions

You wouldn’t just limit yourself to the missionary position for coupled sex, then don’t limit yourself to just lying down for solo sex. Try something different. Sitting, kneeling, on all fours and lying face down are all options. There are some great pillows and sex furniture that can help you find positions that work better for you. Liberator makes some cute pillows like the heart wedge or plain wedge. Try standing up in the shower or taking a leisurely bath. You can find some fun toys that can help you with sexy solo bath time. The Sex in the Shower series by Sportsheets has vibrating sponges and suction cup handles to help hold on during sexy shower time. Try a suction cup dildo or vibrator in the bath some time.

Erotica and Porn

You can get youself in the mood with various types of porn and erotica. While you could just search for hot clips off of many sites, you can find some amazing independently produced porn available through subscription. There are several ethical porn or feminist porn and queer porn companies that produce a different style from mainstream porn that you might find is more in your wheelhouse. Try something by Tristan Taormino or The Crash Pad Series for a break from mainstream porn. There are even sexy instructional videos like jessica drake’s Female Masturbation DVD. There are some great photo only sites like Lady Cheeky where you can find a collection of the hottest sexy pics. If you are more literary minded there is a near endless array of written erotica out there. Looking for steamy short stories to get you going, try sites like Literotica.

Keep Experimenting

All May you’ll probably find lots of new articles about masturbation. Keep reading and keep learning something new. While there’s nothing wrong with having a routine you like, sometimes it’s nice to break out something different. Sexy solo time will keep you feeling great both mentally and physically while also helping you get better for coupled sexy time. Make sure to take sometime out for yourself; we all need a little self-care.

By: Technogeisha
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