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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Electro Sex – The Art of Electro Stimulation

Zeus Deluxe Edition Twilight Violet Wand Kit

Erotic electro stimulation, electro-stim for short, is a form of sensation play used often in BDSM play but can be used for any kind of sexy time play. Electro-stim uses static electricity to stimulate the nerves in a way that can be soft and tingly to strong and stingy. Toys like the stronger Violet Wand to the soft fingertip pads of the Hello Touch X can be used against the skin for a pleasurable effect. The static discharge can be an amazing sensual experience, especially when focused on the genitals. Electro stimulation has a non-sexual physical therapy use but has also become a long time favorite for erotic stimulation too. It can feel everywhere from a mild static shock that just above a tickle to an intense zap depending on a several variables.

Early Electro-Stim Use

Since Luigi Galvani first showed how electrical current applied to a dead frog made its legs move in the 18th century, we’ve been developing forms of electronic stimulation. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that this kind of stimulation became more commonplace. At this time the first EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) units were developed like the Relaxacisor, which was used as a passive form of exercise. Of course the Relaxacisor became a pervertable when it was discovered that placing the contacts on certain parts of the body was sexually stimulating. The EMS works by stimulating muscles to contract and is not used much erotically today. The 1970’s brought us the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit. It was used medically to stimulate nerves as a form of pain therapy. Units made specifically for erotic use were developed in the 90’s and remain popular. TENS units are comprised of a box that regulates the current and pads that are placed on the skin allowing the current to pass between the pads. Nowadays you can even get specific toys for your TENS unit like dildos, butt plugs and other sexy accessories.

Violet Wand

The Violet Wand consists of a plastic cylinder around a transformer and a power cord comes out one end that can be plugged in; these intense toys don’t run on batteries alone. The wand comes with interchangeable gas filled glass electrodes that can be inserted at the electrified end. When electricity is applied the argon gas emits a colorful glow. The wand comes with different shaped glass electrode attachments so you can use these conductors in any way your chose. You can also control the intensity of the charge. When the wand is held close to the body there is a spark or arc of electricity. This is felt on the skin as a shock sensation, the farther away you hold the wand the stronger the zap. There is also a body contact chain or cord that can be used to change the application of the charge. There are different ways the electricity can be discharged. In-direct utilizes a body contact accessory so the person holding the contact becomes electrified to the touch. This way any part of the body can be used to pass the arc to the recipient. Using another technique the person holding the contact can utilize any conductive material as an accessory. There’s also a reverse method where you use the body contact accessory by attaching it to the ‘bottom’ partner, which electrifies them. You can also use the wand for branding that can be either temporary, semi permanent, or permanent.

Neon Wand

The Neon Wand by Kink Labs could be known as Violet Wand lite. The concept is the same; plastic cylinder, gas filled electrodes, body contact chain but the overall strength and intensity of a Neon Wand is less than the Violet Wand. It has a dial to vary the intensity and you can pick between the red or purple color. You can purchase a body contact pad just like the ones available for the Violet Wands. You can change the current from direct to indirect to reverse, just like a Violet Wand. The Neon Wand is more compact and lightweight making it a more preferred choice for travel. Being this lightweight it is not used for branding. This is a great introductory toy if you’re new at electro-stim. The overall intensity is easy to control and less intense, which mean less chance of accidentally burning like the violet wand.

Other Electro-Stim Toys

While the wands are most common, there are a few new developments when it electro-stim. The PES Power Box is similar to the TENS but packaged more for home use than the TENS. You can get lots of attachments for it just like the Violet and Neon Wands. Folsom Electric Company makes its own TENS like unit and e-stim sex toys with accessories. Mystim also has a TENS like unit, a variety of e-stim sex toys, interesting accessories, and is recommended for beginners. Mangasm makes electro-stim prostate stimulators shaped and used just like any contoured prostate stimulator or anal toy. The HELLO Touch X added electro-stim pads that you can switch out for the vibration pads. You can go from vibration to electro stimulation with just a switch of the pads.


You can find lots of shapes and sizes of electrodes; mushrooms, rakes, Y shaped wands and cautery to name a few. You can also find interesting things to help conduct the charge. Wartenburg wheels, mylar floggers, ball chain flogger, vampire gloves, metal nail talons and more are accessories perfectly suited for an electro-stim toy. You can electrify chain mail, the furniture in your dungeon, even do electrified knife play. You can purchase special items like a cock sheaths and scrotum covers to take cock and ball torture to electrified levels. Once you get more experienced you can probably find some electro-stim pervertables at home or at your local hardware store.


Care should be taken when using electro-stim devices. Try everything you plan to use on yourself first (an over all good tip for all toys) to see how it really feels and works. Start light and work your way up to stronger more intense sensations. Be aware that they can burn the skin if not used properly. Don’t brand someone by accident by not being aware of the intensity you are using. Remove all jewelry unless you are specifically keeping something on to attract the spark. Any metal jewelry will attract the charge and can cause serious damage if you’re not prepared or aware of the possibility. Don’t forget to remove things like clitoral piercings, penis piercings or tongue piercings that can be easy to forget. Take care of your toys, watch for wear and tear, and keep them clean by giving them a good rub down with alcohol or special toy cleaning wipes. Check your toys instructions on how to best keep them clean and maintained.

Exciting Electro Sex

There is a good bet someone at your local dungeon will have one of these items to play with if you want to check it out before buying. Most stores will take it out and demonstrate. With electro-stim, practice makes perfect and practice is very sexy. As long as you stay risk aware safe, keep your toy in good working order and have fun using your imagination. Electro-stim can be a stimulating, and dare I say hair raising, part of your sexy time.

By: Technogeisha
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