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Friday, February 12, 2016

Why Glass Toys Are the Best for Your Anal Play

Icicles No. 46 Glass Massager

If you’re looking for something pleasurable for your collection, glass sex toys are a great all-purpose choice. Still, the combination of anal play and the unique properties of glass toys make them the perfect partners in anal pleasure.


One of the greatest attributes of glass toys is their ability to absorb the body's heat and reflect it back. With the rectum's high number of blood vessels, it's one of the warmest parts of our body. Together, it creates a one-of-a-kind sensation that's almost electric. Although it just uses your body's own heat, it feels warmer somehow; it's incredible.

If you're looking for something brisker, glass toys can also be put in cold water or the freezer. This might come in handy after a spanking, but before anal play. It's a great way to do aftercare without having to stop the action. The cold doesn’t last a long time inside someone, but it can give things a shocking start.


The tissues of the rectum and anus are some of the most delicate in the whole body. They're made to transport soft material, not for filling with fingers or other objects. So, those thin, blood rich, nerve-ending packed tissues are only protected by natural lubrication. While lots of other toy materials offer the requisite satin finish, none offer the incredible smoothness of glass toys.

Because glass toys are completely free of pores or pits in the surface, your lube does its job even better. Glass toys seem to glide in and out friction-free, which makes them great for gauging up to larger sizes. With less friction on your anus, you can also enjoy anal pleasure longer without the rubbed raw feeling that can occur with other materials.


Glass toys fall into the category of body-safe materials - ones that can be sterilized. Like other body safe materials, glass doesn't have any places on the surface to trap bacteria. This is incredibly important for toys used in anal play; the bacteria in the rectum should stay where it is. Glass is unique, though, in that it can be sterilized using boiling water, bleach, UV, alcohol, and soap, without damaging it - you can even throw it in the dishwasher.

Glass is also non-reactive, so, it's great for people with allergies and can be used with all types of lube. Once it's lubed up, nothing really sticks to it. While other materials have a reputation for staining or trapping that unfortunate butt smell, glass remains odor free for life.


Glass toys can take on almost any anus pleasing shape, like silicone, ceramic, plastics and metals. Still, the incredible smoothness of glass endows toys with a pristine jewel-like quality that is awe-inspiring in person.

For example, Pipedream's line of glass toys, Icicles, is essentially made up glass copies of their most loved designs. Yet, the entire line looks so much more luxurious, expensive, unique and down gorgeous than their metal or plastic counterparts. Even the light from a regular CFL bulb refracts through the various hues and contours with poetic elegance.

Sure, this doesn't make much of a difference in performance. Still, if something's going in your butt, it might as well look good doing it.


Glass is a very dense material, which makes glass toys relatively weighty for their size. This is a fantastic property for anal stimulation because that area is especially sensitive to pressure. A lot of people are looking for the feeling of being filled up, without having to use a huge toy. The weight of glass allows you to feel stuffed by toys that are much smaller in size than you might expect.

The weight also adds some presence in your hand, like you're holding something grand. There's this sense that the build quality of glass toys is simply better than almost everything else and that's not such a wild idea.


Many people think of glass as a fragile material. While that is true of your average tumbler or wine glass, there's many of other kinds of glass that are stronger than you might believe - think of the Gorilla Glass covering your iPhone. Borosilicate glass, the kind used in sex toys, is the same as what Pyrex uses to make their legendarily durable cookware.

Though we shouldn’t go throwing our glass toys around the room, they can be dropped without chipping or breaking. Even if it does break, it won't shatter, but you'll be aware. Borosilicate just kind of snaps cleanly like one of those giant candy canes. It's incredibly safe for those delicate anal tissues.

The durability also has a side-effect of making glass toys incredibly long lasting. Since they can also be sterilized, who says a glass toy purchased today couldn’t become a family heirloom or something - weirder things happen every day.


For me, price tends to be the most important factor in sex toy choice. While glass toys feature all the fantastic perks above, they also tend to be much less expensive than other materials, especially silicone and steel. That means, you can get way more toys to please your bottom for much less money. Sex toys always seem to feel better when they leave a couple extra dollars in your bank account.

Glass sex toys may not be first on people mind when they’re looking around. Still, if anal pleasure is your thing, you should definitely give them a look.

By: Jerome Stuart Nichols
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