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Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to Gift Sex Toys Like a Pro

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Based on the holly jolly spreading through retailers across the country, the various winter holidays and their inevitable gift-giving quandaries are nigh. Since the whole point of gift giving is to put a smile on the receiver’s face, it makes sense that sex toys might be high up on the list of wants. It also makes sense that the uncertainty in buying a sex toy as a gift might lead some to err on the side of shopping at a big box store instead. This year, though, we've got your back with this fail proof guide to giving sex toys as a gift.

Make Good Decisions

The absolute best way to make sure your sex toy gift goes over well is to make good decisions about who to give them to. While you may jump for joy over a surprise new rabbit vibe, not everyone is going to feel the same. In fact, you may find that  even your hippest friends may be uncomfortable receiving a sex toy as a gift if they aren't having sex with you. Also, if your relationship is closer to acquaintance than friend, it might feel a lot like harassment to receive such a gift.

Make sure you know that the recipient will be ok with receiving a sex toy from you specifically. Now is not the time to antagonize your conservative friend for laughs. Be kind and get consent before you waste your time and money.

Know Their Preferences

Everybody's body is a little different. So, picking the perfect toy often starts with a research project, which is part of the fun. Even if you know what they like in general, you may not know what they want specifically or ideally. Try to find out if a certain toy or category is on their shortlist. Perhaps ask about some components of their dream toy.

Often a passive night of online shopping can be enough to point you in the right direction, but you could also ask outright. If you prefer to keep the mystery, maybe talk about what you like instead.

Sort by Best Sellers

Even if you know what they like and want, choosing the best toy can be difficult since there are so doggone many options. I usually prefer shopping online in general since there's many more options and price points available. For a long time, I searched by price alone but now I've come to realize that sorting by best sellers or highest ratings is really the way to go.

The average shopper is looking for a balance of value and performance. So, browsing through what others have rated highly puts a spotlight on the products others deem worthy of their time and money – the highest endorsement available. This cuts down on the guessing for you and puts some toys you might not have considered right up front.

Go In-Store 

Yes, online shopping offers ton of options but, sometimes there’s simply too many to choose from, there’s a question you want answered or you just wanna touch the darn thing. Whether the recipient has very specific needs or you just want to see and feel it in person, going in store is an easy shortcut to finding something great. Not only do you get the toy in your hand, you also benefit from the knowledgeable staff available at Cirilla's.

The people who work in sex toy stores probably didn't land there by accident or out of desperation! They know their stuff and can help you find something great. They're usually quite happy to demo or sample anything in the store.  Plus, they can do all the decision making for you and send you out of the store confident your gift will hit the spot.

Consider Lube

Sometimes people don't need any more sex toys. A good toy or hand lasts roughly forever. On the other hand, there will always be a need for more lube! Even if they have more than enough, they could probably use an extra bottle. When people love lubes, they use it frequently, which makes it more likely they’ll run out at the worst possible moment. Your gift of slickness might save their life!
Lube is also a great gift for the giver because finding a decent lube at good price is easy. You don't have to worry about sizes, shapes, or colors. Plus, there's a much higher chance that they'll enjoy the lube based on your judgment alone. If you like how the lube feels, it's likely they will, too.

If All Else Fails, Gift Cards! 

Let's be real, sometimes, a gift card is the best bet. Still, it doesn't have to be a choice of desperation. The best gifts always involve time with a loved one. A gift card and a date to go shopping might even be the best option overall.

By: Jerome Stuart Nichols
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