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Thursday, December 15, 2016

8 Innovative Sex Toys You've Got to See to Believe

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If you're looking for a new sex toy to add excitement to your sex life, then look no further than this list. You might have missed some of the latest sex toy technology on the market, but we've got information on all the innovate sex toys and how those toys will work for you.

1. Warming Vibrators

Whether you're in the middle of the cold front that's taken over much of the country or you simply like to heat things up, a warming vibrator is just what the doctor ordered. These vibrators offer a gradual warming function without need for an AC adapter or the risk of burning yourself; although, you can use these toys without warming if you'd like.

We carry one such toy, the Summer Lovin' Vibrator, but there are a few more options in the market if you'd like a different shape or size.

2. Partner Toys

Toys dedicated to using with your partner have always existed, but We-Vibe was among the first companies to take it to the next step. The We-Vibe is a vibrator intended to be worn vaginally during intercourse. Through the years, the company has added features such as flexibility and a remote control.

Check out the newest version of the We-Vibe Sync, a silicone-coated couple's vibrator that comes with its own charging dock, remote control and adjustable shape. You can even use it remotely thanks to the compatible app.

Lelo's Tiani is another couples' vibrator, and it uses an original remote control that responds to movement.

3. Sound Controlled  Vibrators Toys

If you want something more than the typical vibrator, why not try something that can be controlled by sound? A few companies make vibrators that can pulse to music or increase in intensity when you blow on them thanks to a microphone in the toy itself.

The followup to Lelo's beloved Siri clitoral vibrator is one such toy. You can use it normally, and it'll rock thanks to the improved motor. Or you can turn on the sound option when using it on your partner. The sound of your voice or breath will drive them wild as you create custom vibration patterns.

Check out the Siri 2 here.

Another option is the Nalone Rhythm X2, a rabbit vibrator that responds to sounds.

4. Music Controlled Sex Toys

It might seem like sound-controlled vibrators are the tip of the sex toy tech Lederberg, but they're not. You can connect your vibrator directly to your MP3 player or phone via cable to experience music in a completely different way.

Believe it or not, this technology is actually older than the microphone-controlled sex toys. OhMiBod pioneered this technology and has since gone on to create sex toys that you can control via your smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

You'll find three toys by this company at Cirilla’s: OhMiBod BlueMotion Bluetooth VibratorOhMiBod Club Vibe 3.0H. and the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H.

5. Wave Sex Toys

Lelo makes this list of innovative sex toys yet again with their wave vibrators. The company took two of their most popular vibrators, the Ina and Mona, and added a unique rising-and-falling motion. The toys now work similarly to using the 'come hither' motion that so many women enjoy during manual stimulation.

As always, these Lelo vibrators are waterproof, multi-function, made of body-friendly silicon and come with the company's 1-year warranty.

The Ina Wave is for you if you want a rabbit vibrator while the Mona Wave is the ideal G-spot vibrator.

6. Oscillating Sex Toys

Here's another sex toy that's actually been around for a while, but you might not be aware of just how the technology works. The Eroscillator 2 Plus is the most recent version of this toy which oscillates, not vibrates. The result is a different experience from traditional vibrators, more gentle yet just as stimulating.

The Eroscillator is intended to be used externally, which is why it looks more like an electric toothbrush than most sex toys, but this makes it a great clitoral or nipple toy. It comes with multiple attachments so you can add variety to your road to orgasmic bliss.

7. Thrusting Toys

Thrusting toys were among the first to imitate sex rather than just add vibration to the mix. You'll find many jack rabbit vibrators that also thrust if you desire deep stimulation. Try the Thrusting Action Jack Rabbit, the Petite Thrusting Jack Rabbit if you'd like something smaller.
Some toys even offer a rippling sensation if you find thrusting to be too aggressive.

8. Oral Sex Simulator

While no sex toy can perfectly imitate sex, Lelo has given it a good effort with the Ora, a clitoral vibrator that includes a moving nub to stimulate oral sex. The Ora 2 corrects some issues of the original design and is compatible with a wider variety of bodies. It also has an unique function where it vibrates with more intensity the harder you press the toy to your body.

Add a generous helping of lube to the toy, and you might be surprised how close it comes to the real thing.

Not every sex toy innovation is something that you'll want or need, but our list is bound to provide you with inspiration for your next sexual adventure. Many of these toys are perfect for partner play, so add one or two of these items to your cart to get started.

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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