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Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 App-Controlled Sex Toys for Tech Geeks and Sex Geeks

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds these days. TVs are getting bigger, phones are getting smaller, and even sex toys are getting upgrades. Gone are the days where the only sex toy options were a realistic dildo or a massive wand vibrator. This is the future, a future in which you (or your partner) can control your vibrator, butt plug, and more all from your phone. The toys below feature fun, interactive settings, neat ways to create your own patterns, and special features for long-distance play with a partner. Even better, they’re all rechargeable and made of body-safe silicone or ABS plastic. Whether your goal is to play in public or connect from across the world, these toys have you covered.
Ohmibod BlueMotion Bluetooth Vibrator

For Secretive Play: The Ohmibod BlueMotion Bluetooth Vibrator- $129.99
Compatible with: iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android.

This handy-dandy panty vibe is designed to be placed in the included (one size fits most) thong underwear. Where you decide to wear it is up to you! The small vibrator itself features a shape contoured to the body, with a mound that rests over the clitoris, providing pleasure exactly where needed. The app features numerous ways to take control: using the volume control buttons on your phone, tapping your screen, waving the phone around in the air, voice control, and even an option to let music guide the vibrations. If these sound too fancy, no worries. There are four easy pre-set vibration patterns to choose from too.

We-Vibe Sync

For Couple’s Play: The We-Vibe Sync: $199.99
Compatible with:  iPhone (4S/iOS 7 or newer) and Android (OS 4.3 or newer) devices.

What would a list of app-controlled sex toys be without the iconic We-Vibe couple’s toy? The Sync is the newest of the We-Vibe line, and they’ve really outdone themselves with this one. Unlike past models, The Sync has two hinges that can be adjusted to more comfortably fit the body, and has been upgraded with a more powerful motor (supposedly the same motor as the fabled Tango- perhaps the best bullet-style vibrator of all time). Intended to be worn during penetrative sex, the Sync features two motors: one for the clitoris, and one for the G-spot, both of which can be felt by the penis as well. While the remote works from up to 3 meters, the We-Connect app works from anywhere. It even has an in-app messaging system for long-distance dirty talk via voice, video, or text. Like the OhMiBod BlueMotion, the app includes pre-set patterns, but also touch and voice-controlled modes. No partner? No problem. The Sync also works wonderfully for hands-free orgasms.

We-Vibe Rave

For the G-Spot, The We-Vibe Rave: $119.99
Compatible with:  iPhone (4S/iOS 7 or newer) and Android (OS 4.3 or newer) devices.

Another fantastic toy by We-Vibe, the Rave is a vibrating dildo with a unique asymmetrical shape. It targets the G-spot, and features powerful vibrations from a single motor. It’s shape allows twisting, thrusting, turning, or a combination to allow you to experiment with what feels good. The Rave has 10 pre-set vibration modes, and uses the same We-Connect app as the Sync, utilizing most features with the exception of the dual-motor settings, as the rave only has one. Looking for a little more? We-Vibe currently has one last app-controlled device that features both internal and external stimulation in the form of a rabbit-style vibrator, the Nova.
Je Joue Nuo Plug

For Anal Play: The Je Joue Nuo Plug- $156.99
Compatible with: iPhone (iOS 7.1 or newer) and Android phones.

If you prefer vibration in the rear, the Je Joue Nuo plug might be for you. Featuring two motors: one in the shaft, and one in the base, this toy can target both the inside (especially pleasurable if you have a prostate), and the outside (especially pleasurable if you have a perineum) of your bum. This app lets you design your own vibe pattern by picking the pattern, strength, and timed duration, all of which you can save as your very own homemade play session. With five speeds and seven patterns, there are plenty of combinations to try, and you can even email the session to a partner and let them take control.

Minna KGoal

For a Workout: The Minna KGoal-$149
Compatible with: iOS and Android (OS v4.3 or newer) devices. Bluetooth 4.0 capability required.

Although the Minna KGoal isn’t exactly a sex toy, its innovation earns it a well-deserved spot in this list. The KGoal is a sexual health device that uses its accompanying app to provide the user with a fun kegel (vaginal exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor) experience. The KGoal has two motors, one internal and one external, that vibrate in response to vaginal muscle clenching. The harder you clench, the stronger it vibrates! The app for this toy is different in that instead of controlling the toy via the app, you control the app via the toy. Instead of programming vibrations, the app features three five-minute games you can play by squeezing your vagina around the KGoal to exercise your muscles. Other cool things to do with the app include seeing a visual representation of your orgasm strength, or checking your squeezing power pre and post orgasm.

So if you’re looking for a fun, techy new sex toy, look no further. These toys offer a unique experience via your phone or tablet, and are perfect for involving a partner in your play.

By: Sammi
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