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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sex Toys for Men

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Although there aren't quite as many sex toy options for men, there may be more than you realize. From tools that make masturbation easier and more intense to sex toys that you can use during sex, there are plenty innovative sex toys for men on the market!


The Fleshlight might be the most men's toy available. It's encased in hard plastic that looks like a flashlight for giants. When you take off the cap, you're greeted by an opening – vagina, mouth or anus depending upon your model. Many are designed after famous porn starlets, and there's even a line designed after lusty male stars!

The soft material inside of Fleshlights surrounds your penis, and there are literally dozens of textures, some of which are limited edition. You'll be swatched in ridges, bumps, swirls and more. Can it get better? Yes!

Fleshlights allow you to add suction by twisting over the opposite end of the toy. Plus, you can choose the color of the case and sleeve, the latter which is available in clear, blue and beige. The Fleshlight you buy is unique to you.

Accessories allow you to mount your Fleshlight to the shower wall or use it with your iPad, too.

If you're looking for a similar toy, try the Autoblow line.


Strokers and other masturbators are made from soft materials. You use the grip of your hand to provide sensation, and you can easily rinse strokers before storing in between uses.

Masturbators come in all sorts of shape and sizes, from realistic body parts to contemporary designs that are more discreet. A few even allow you to use a bullet vibrator in conjunction. Sleeves aren't necessarily known for their resilience, and many of them eventually rip. But they can help you determine the materials and textures that you prefer.

One particular note is the Tenga brand whose disposable strokers come in adorable eggs that you break open to reveal their prize. The Soft Cup line encases the Tenga sleeves in an adjustable cup, and the Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator is a revolutionary sex toy that enables you to insert your penis seamlessly thanks to the folding design.

Another unique type of stroker is the kind that has a handle. Your penis slips through a hole similar to an enlarged bubble wand, and you use the handle to stroke yourself. These strokers may vibrate or have another function as is the case with the Sqweel. This sex toy for men features soft silicone “tongues” that lap at your shaft as you use it.


There aren't necessarily a lot of vibrators designed to stimulate your penis or balls, but there are a few. The Apollo Hydro Power Stroker suctions to a surface as you thrust into the vibrating device.

The Nalone Oxxy Male Masturbator is a handheld vibrator for penile use that utilizes a pump system to increase sensation.

Finally, you can consider the Pulse III Duo, which wraps around your penis as it vibrates. The toy also doubles as a couples' vibrator thanks to the remote control.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump serves two functions. First, you can use it to draw blood to your penis and helps increase the intensity of your erection. Penis pumps are enjoyed by men who experience erectile dysfunction because of this fact.

Another reason why men love penis pumps is that increases sensation, and who doesn't like the sound of that?

Penis Enhancers

Penis enhancers can be worn during sex to increase your girth or length to please your partner. These sleeves remain stationary while in use (some secure around your testicles), and many of them have pleasurable textures in the inside to stimulate you, too.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are often thought of as couples' toys. When worn around the shaft or base of the penis, the ring, which is often made of a stretchy material, restricts blood from leaving your penis and boosts your erection.

Some cock rings have vibrators for your partner's pleasure while others even attach to anal toys when you're masturbating.

Luxury cock rings may be made of stone, wood, glass or even metal. But rigid cock rings need to be carefully measured to ensure safety.

Adjustable leather cock rings work well during BDSM scenes.

Prostate Toys

Last “butt” not least, we have prostate toys. This section can certainly be explored in depth, just like your prostate, which can be accessed through your anus or your perineum.

These toys vary in form and function. Some prostate toys are just butt plugs with flared based so you can safely wear them during sex, masturbation or any other activity. Sex toys with a curve are especially adept at providing prostate stimulation because of the location of this organ. No vibration is necessary when you've got the right shape.

Prostate vibrators typically resemble G-spot vibrators because of the similar shape; although, they specifically have a design (handle, loop, base, etc.) that prevents the toy from becoming lost in the rectum.

Many prostate toys include external stimulation through the perineum, which promises you double the fun. These have a vague “C” or “L” shape.

You'll also find many prostate stimulators, some of which vibrate. These designs provide intense stimulation thanks to the internal portion while another arm extends against your perineum, and a third arm serves as a handle for you to maneuver the toy. Nexus and Aneros are two of the best-loved prostate toy makers.

Are you a real size king? Try one the Xpander line for size.

Now that you know what sort of sex toys are available for men, you can add a product or two to your

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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