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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What Goes in a Sex-On-The-Go Kit?

Woman holding condom behind her back

You’ve waited for this moment all day. Clothes are coming off, breathing is getting heavier, hands are roaming. As passions escalate, you both pause, looking at one another with the “time to get a condom” face. You didn’t bring one. They didn’t bring one. You’re condomless and heartbroken.

Whether you’re off on a one night stand, casual fling, or a date with your committed partner, being unprepared for a sexual encounter is certainly a mood-killer. To make things a bit easier, we recommend packing up a “sex-on-the-go” kit, a case filled with safer sex supplies and a few other handy tidbits to grab when you’re in a hurry. Of course, these are only a few ideas, and you’re free to take creative liberties as you please. Fit three condoms and a lube packet in a coin purse, or fill a backpack to the brim with dildos. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Barrier methods:

Whether you use condoms, dental dams, gloves, or in-condoms, a hookup kit always starts with safer-sex materials. Pack your favorite protection, but also keep a few different options on hand (non-latex if you don't know your partner’s allergies, or condoms of different sizes to ensure a comfortable and safer fit!). Remember that if this kit goes unused for some time to check the expiration dates, as expired condoms are more prone to breakage. (Bonus tip: In a pinch, a dental dam can be created by unrolling a condom and cutting it up the middle.)

Contraceptive devices: 

If you use a diaphragm, cervical cap, spermicidal sponge, or other contraceptive device, make sure to stash it in your kit so you don't forget it. Even if you’re using condoms as your primary form of protection, backup methods can provide extra peace of mind.


Lube is essential for so many different types of play. Lube bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and the lube inside can be so many different kinds. Silicone, hybrid, or water-based, lube helps keep things slick and comfortable. If you’re tight on space, or want to keep things discreet, some lubes can be purchased in small sample packets about the size of a condom.

A sex toy (or a few!):

Whether your play includes a small vibrator, a butt plug, or a strap on harness and dildo, toys are easily the best part of a hookup kit. As with all sexual activities, make sure to communicate with your partner beforehand about what toys they’re comfortable using. If you’ll be sharing your playthings, be sure to pack some condoms to cover them and keep you and your partner safe.

Mints or gum:

Stressing about bad breath can be a mood-killer, but it’s easy to sooth those worries if you can simply reach in and grab a breath-freshener. Plus, mints can also be used for oral sex to give a slight tingle!

Wipes and spare underwear:

If you despise the feeling of walking around in less-than-fresh underwear, a spare pair might be a good idea. Not only will they be more comfortable, but clean undergarments can also help you avoid infections, chafing, and other ickies caused by dampness. For extra cleanup, consider packing some baby or personal cleansing wipes to remove any post-sex gunk.

Of course, all of this needs to go into some sort of container. If your collection includes only a few condoms and lube packets, it can probably all fit into a small coin purse or even an empty box of mints. If it’s a little larger, consider a bag designed for holding makeup or even a pencil case. If you’re feeling especially quirky, stick those suckers in a fanny pack! Silly ideas aside, a sex-on-the-go kit is all about what you need to feel your best and keep yourself safe. Fill it with whatever your heart desires, and have fun.

By: Sammi 
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