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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Five Ways to Use a Tenga Egg

Basket of Tenga Eggs
Tenga Eggs are probably one of my favorite “first sex toy”s to recommend. They’re small, easy to use, discreet, cheap, and disposable. They’re perfect for anyone looking to try a stroker who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money or have a giant dick tube lying around waiting for someone to find it. The use of a Tenga Egg goes far beyond that, though. They can be transformed to fit a whole bunch of purposes for any set of genitals! Here are a myriad of ways to transform your Tenga Egg.

Use It For Its Intended Purpose

Tenga Eggs are small, textured, egg-shaped sleeves that come in small easter-egg-esque containers. To use one, remove the packaging, pour some of the included lubricant into the sleeve, and pull over your penis, moving it up and down with whatever tightness and speed you’d normally use to masturbate. It’s that simple! Tenga Eggs are fun strokers because of their lack of a case, which means your hand controls the tightness.

Turn It Inside Out

For a smoother feeling, do the same thing, but turn the toy inside out. These mini strokers come in all sorts of textures (from zig zag patterns to circles) and levels of firmness, but if you find yourself less than thrilled with your chosen texture, turning it inside out reveals a smoother experience.

Trim Off the Tip to Amp Up a Blowjob

Have you heard of the Fleshlight Quickshot? It’s a short masturbator intended for assisting with oral sex. It’s open on both ends so the penis can fit through and leave the tip exposed to go in someone’s mouth. With just a simple modification of snipping the tip off of a Tenga Egg, you can have the same thing for just a few bucks. If your penis is on the smaller side, Tenga Eggs might actually work even better for you than a Quickshot!

Cut It Open for Hand Sex On Any Genitals

A cut down the side creates a flat piece of stretchy squishy textured fun to use in any sort of way you want. Use it like a different sort of stroker on a penis or place it over a vulva and use it to massage the labia and clitoris. You could even use it as a dental dam!

Stretch It Over a Wand Vibrator

Another trick for use on any sort of genitals is to turn the stroker inside out and place it over a wand or other vibrator for a new way to combine texture and vibration. This can, of course, be used on a vulva, but penises can also benefit from vibration. Try holding a vibrator against the “frenulum” of the penis, or where the head meets the shaft on the side facing your belly. Another option is to place the sleeve over the penis and then hold a vibrator against it to send vibrations through the whole sleeve.

If you’re still not sold in this wonderful little hand dandy device, might I mention that it’s only $8? One of my favorite toys, Tenga Eggs are great for sex toy newbies and pros alike and can be used in so many different ways. If you have another great Tenga Egg tip, let us know in the comments.

Happy experimenting!

By: Sammi
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