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Friday, September 14, 2018

The Brightest Stars in Sex Tech

Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine 

It's been a while since we talked about the innovations in sex toys, so let's take a look at the newest developments in sex tech. While many of these creative toys and accessories are available, you'll have to wait for a few of them to hit the shelves. Still, that doesn't mean you can't plan for how they'll fit into your sex life!

Clitoral Suction 

Clitoral suction toys aren't exactly new. They've actually been around for a couple years, starting first with models by the company Womanizer. Satisfyer followed up with similar toys, and big-name sex toy company Lelo now makes their own version called Sona. Several other brands have their own toys that are obviously inspired by this trend. Regardless of the brand, these toys all use pulsated air to create a sensation that's different from other sex toys on the market.

If you're looking to try one of these suction toys, Satisfyer models tend to cost a little less. However, quality is a bit lower, too.

You'll notice that there are many models available, which can make choosing the right toy confusing. The size of the nozzle can affect pleasure, and Womanizer sells a few models with interchangeable nozzles to account for this. Womanizer, Satisfyer and Cloud 9 all make dual-stimulators with internal vibration and external suction.

While many people enjoy suction, it's not everyone's cup of tea. So keep your expectations realistic.

Smart Kegel Toys

Smart Kegel toys have actually been around for a couple of years, too, with the best-known being Minna's kGoal. However, there are now more options than ever, including the Gballs by Fun Toys and the similar Lovelife Krush by OhMiBod. A newer kid on the block is the Lovense Lush, which curves around your pubic bone as you wear it.

Despite differences in shape and mechanism for sensing the contractions of your PC muscles, these smart toys all have one thing in common: they rely on an app to guide you through your pelvic floor exercises, to sense when you're contracting (and how hard), and to track your progress so that you can reach your fitness goals.

UV Sanitation for Your Sex Toy

You probably know that you can sterilize your nonporous sex toys with bleach, by boiling or using the sanitize setting in your dishwasher. But what if you're in a hurry or if you want to sterilize a vibrator that cannot be submerged? Say 'Hello' to sex toy sanitizers.

Among the first was Dorr, but Uvee has entered the market with a bang!

Uvee comes in three sizes, and the largest is big enough to fit even a Hitachi Magic Wand and is designed that you can charge your toys while the UV light sanitizes them! The medium and large Uvee both have three USB ports inside the devices as well as a hole for toys that must be plugged into an outlet. The smaller Uvee has only one port and no A/C accommodation, but it's more cost-effective and requires less room.

This system will set you back a little bit initially, but you'll save a lot of time and energy – not to mention worry – not having to worry about the cleanliness of your sex toys in the future. Plus, Uvee acts as a storage container, is travel-friendly and neatly tucks cords away when not in use, so you'll never have to deal with tangled cords again!

JimmyJane also offers a device that sanitizes your set toys, and it's conveniently disguised as a “mood light.” This way, you can keep it on your nightstand or dressed with no one the wiser as to its true use or what is hidden inside.

Toy and Lube Warmers

If you're the type of person whose body shuts right down whenever it comes into contact with a cold glass dildo or a chilly dollop of lube, this might be your year! You can now find pouches that hold your sex toys and warm them at the same time. Warm Intimate Toy Warmer makes a surprisingly chic envelope to tuck away your favorite toy before you're ready for it.

There are at least two companies offering warming lube dispensers, too! One is Pulse, which makes a smaller dispenser that looks like it comes straight from the future of a Sci-fi flick and warms lube from a cartridge before dispensing it into your hand. Touch is another company that makes a similar lube warmer and dispenser; although, the design is a bit larger.

Fucking Machines

Finally, the last item on our list isn't an entirely new type of sex tech. Rather, it's a re-imagining of existing tech. You might have seen traditional Sybians, also known as fucking machines. They were bulky and decidedly unsexy. JimmyJane has decided to enter the market of fucking machines with an updated appears.

The Cowgirl is still a machine that you mount to enjoy penetration, but it now has a sleek black veneer made from vegan leather. It's also compatible with apps on your smartphone, and the shaft both vibrates and rotates as you're riding it.

Another update to the fucking machine category comes in the way of Cloud 9's F-Machine Gigolo Mini with Wireless Remote. You can adjust the position of this machine, which is compatible with any Vac-U-Lock dildo.

Of course, any good idea in the world of sex toys will be copied and expanded upon, which is a good  thing for consumers who love to try new things and get off in new ways!

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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