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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Affordable Sex Toys for Back to School Blues

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Fall is in the air, and so is the smell of books, dorms, and student debt. Time to return to all-nighters in the library and a massively increased caffeine consumption. Perhaps these five sex toys will at least make study breaks a little more fun. Perfect for college students, these toys are quiet, so neighbors won’t hear them through paper-thin dorm walls, easy to hide from nosey roommates (although we’re fans of combating sexual shame and talking openly about pleasure), and all under $20, so you can afford them even after buying yourself your weekly ramen. If this sounds like you, fear not, friend. I’m right there with you.

Cici Silicone Dildo

A dildo is a staple of any sex toy collection, and the Cici dildo by Blush Novelties works wonderfully for solo masturbation or, because of its flared base, in a harness for strap-on play. Curved for G-spot or prostate stimulation and average sized at 1.5” wide, the Cici works for a whole bunch of bodies, able to venture into vaginas and butts alike!

INYA Spade Butt Plug 

The best thing about butts is that everyone has one. Buttplugs can add a little extra excitement to any sort of sexual play. If you’ve got a penis (or strap-on), wear it while penetrating someone, or if you’ve got a vagina, wear it while being penetrated! Plugs can make using vibrators or strokers more exciting, and can enhance orgasms no matter what gender you are. These plugs come in small and medium and are made of silicone with a T-base for both comfort and safety.

Tenga Egg 

Thinking of trying a stroker? A Tenga Egg is a great place to start. These tiny masturbators will only last a few uses, but the tiny egg-shaped case is perfect for tucking away in a sock drawer to avoid the eyes of any roommate. A simple sleeve of squishiness, these strokers add a little extra texture and sensation to what your hand can do, and allow you to control the exact pressure on your peen.

Silky Rope Kit 

If you and bae are thinking of getting a little kinky, rope is a great place to start. This soft rope can be used as handcuffs, ankle cuffs or to string someone up in a hogtie. Trust me, those standard-issue bunk beds they give you make the perfect anchor for tying your playpal to the bed in all manner of ways. Just don’t forget the pre-kink conversation, safeword, and safety scissors.

Safer Sex Materials

Of course, this list (and your hookup) wouldn’t be complete without condoms! Keep a variety on hand to practice safer sex. They don’t have to boring, either! Although basic condoms both with lube and without are great, some condoms are studded for extra stimulation, flavored for oral pleasure, or glow in the dark for giggles! Looking for a little oral action on a vulva or anus? Try strawberry flavored dental dams: wide pieces of latex that act as a barrier between your mouth and their vulva or anus to prevent the transmission of STIs like herpes.

Sex toys don’t have to break the bank to be body safe (and super fun). Whether you’re canoodling at midday or midnight, by yourself or with a pal, with a long term boo or a one-night stand, trying a new toy is always exciting. Now, I know you’re reading this to procrastinate doing homework, so get back to it. Have a great semester!

By: Sammi
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