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Thursday, February 28, 2019

12 Best Podcasts to Learn about Sexuality

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Whether you prefer the science, culture, or water cooler talk about sex, you're sure to find a podcast on this list that will whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more.

The Science of Sex

The Science of Sex Podcast is hosted by Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, a sexuality professor at NYU, and radio personality Joe Pardavila who represents a layman without sex-specific education. The two provide entertainment in the form of water cooler chat and education when they bring in sex researchers and educators to discuss the latest in sex science. Everything from kink to polyamory to orientation is discussed on this show.

American Sex 

You might already be familiar with American Sex host Sunny Megatron and her partner and co-host Ken Melvoin-Berg from her Showtime series Sex with Sunny Megatron. If you prefer your information in the audio-only format or simply can't get enough of Sunny, this podcast is for you. American Sex covers a variety of sexual topics with a BDSM slant by bringing on experts as well as members of the kink community. Interviews tend to be casual and friendly.

Consensually Speaking with Gio

Some sex podcasts have pre-selected questions and more rigid formats. Those podcasts aren't Consensually Speaking. Described as a kink-centric, sex positive, podcast.” Episodes don't have a theme. Instead, dominant and kinkster Gio sits down to have a chat with experts, educators, and kinksters in a very casual way. You'll learn a bit about their experience and expertise, but the format is a bit more relaxed.

Sex Out Loud

Sex Out Loud Radio is one of the many sex education projects of Tristan Taormino, whom you might not better as an adult filmmaker. The popular podcast plays live every Friday and has been going strong since 2012. Notable guests have included Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Margaret Cho, and Dan Savage. Tristan covers topics from queer issues to sex toys to threesomes to gender equality on her show.

Death, Sex, and Money

WNYC Studios produced quality podcasts and radio shows, and Death, Sex, and Money is no exception. Hosted by journalist Anna Sale, this show asks all the “big questions” about serious life concerns, not just sex. She discusses the issues with celebrities and experts and gets input from listeners who want to weight in on their own sex lives, open relationships, and sex education fails. You may be able to catch this show on your local public radio station.


Radiolab's tagline boasts how they're “investigating” a strange world. And what is stranger in this world than sex? While this podcast's episode list includes few that are about sex or even relationships, the episodes that do focus on the topic of sexuality are well-produced and enlightening. Their 2018 miniseries on gender entitled “Gonads,” for example, is one. The hosts have also promoted other podcasts projects on the podcast so you can hear episodes about consent and conversion therapy.

Disability After Dark

Not everyone who is sexual is able-bodied (or minded). However, society has long glossed over the sexual nature of a person just because they might be handicapped. Hosted by Andrew Gurza, a  disability awareness consultant, Disability After Dark promotes frank discussion about the differences – and similarities – between disabled and able-bodied sex. The podcast shares stories about disability and sex that are not often heard and educates listeners about the realities of sex with a disability.

The Bad Girls Bible

Blogger Sean Jameson takes a stab at audio advice with the podcast that he shares on his site that offers sex advice catered to heterosexual women. Sean invites doctors and sex educators to discuss a variety of sex-related topics on the podcast. Many of these podcasts supplement content such as already on the Bad Girls Bible site and blog, but others stand alone.

Sex with Timaree

In her eponymous podcast, Dr. Timaree Schmit relies on her degree in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University to answer audience questions about sexual topics. Dr. Schmit talks to experts and sex workers on her show to tackle tricky subjects ranging from professional domination to erotic hypnosis to polyamory.

Graydancer's Ropecast

Known as “the longest-running kinky sex podcaster on the web,” Ropecast has been around since 2005 and boasts over 200 episodes. Graydancer is practically kink royalty at this point, but he stays humble by providing education and entertaining to aspiring and experienced kink practitioners alike. Ropecast might sound like it's only about rope bondage, and the show does cover every flavor conceivable, but it also branches out to fetish art, BDSM relationship, and general sexuality.

Paging Dr. NerdLove

Doctor Nerdlove isn't a doctor; he just plays one on this podcast. The podcast offers practical advice on flirting, dating, and sex for the “modern nerd.” It's more generalized than some of the kink or science podcasts on this list, but it's a great primer for someone who may be getting back into dating, who has struggled with romance and technology, or anyone who wants to improve their sexual skills.

Life on the Swingset 

If you've ever wanted to listen to a podcast about swinging, polyamory, or other open relationships, look no further than Life on the Swingset. This podcast is part of Life on the Swingset, a website and community created by Cooper Beckett to bring together swingers, poly folks, and even BDSM fans to discuss ethical non-monogamy and all that it entails. The archive includes more than 300 episodes, so you'll have plenty to explore if you decide to dive in.

Of course, there are hundreds of podcasts, and your favorite may not be on this list or it may be defunct. Plus, some of the best episodes about sex may be part of podcasts that have a different focus. Still, the twelve podcasts above should keep you busy for a while, and you can let us know if we missed a great podcast about sex by sounding off in the comments.

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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