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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Erogenous Zones of Men

Men have a wide variety of erogenous zones on their body. Most people – male and female - have the widespread misunderstanding that boys and men only have sexual feelings in their penis, or only in the head of their penis. There are many possible reasons for this misconception but let’s focus on getting the truth out there and not the myths.

Erogenous Zones of Men

Most of the erogenous zones in a male body are easiest to stimulate when he’s relaxed and contrary to what you may think – start off gently. This gentle stimulation on a relaxed body can be just as arousing as penal stimulation and in some cases it can result in orgasm. Here is your cheat sheet on where and how to stimulate your man. Let’s focus on areas around his genitals and breasts – although, keep in mind there are erogenous zones all over his body.

The Scrotum and the Testicles

The skin and the content of the scrotum including the testicles are all very sensitive. Men may not tell you this – but most of them really enjoy having you massage their testicles, but be gentle and watch his reactions. This can be a very welcome addition to oral sex for your man. Take the scrotum in your hand and massage with gentle rolling movements. You can also tickle the skin with your fingertips. As you find your way around you will discover a part of his penis hidden from view – but can be stimulated by massaging between the testicles or under the scrotum.

Breasts and Nipples

Most people know that women enjoy having their breasts and nipples played with, but they may not know men enjoy this too. I’ve heard women joking because they wonder why men have breasts. Obviously, they are missing the key bit of information that I am going to share.

A man’s breasts may be smaller and flatter than a woman’s, but they have the same capacity to be stimulated by your touch. Play with his nipples with your fingers or tongue and you will notice they get hard just like a woman’s. Or you can place your hand over his breast and gently massage him – you can also gently rub or outline his breast and nipples with your fingertips. Try squeezing his nipples – gently at first and add more pressure, but watch his reactions to see how much pressure and what touches he likes the best.

The Perineum – Between the Penis and the Anus

There is a small area of skin behind the penis and in front of the anus. This is a very sensitive area – there are a number of reasons for this, but keep in mind all the sensitive spots in this area of the male body. You can massage or rub this area with your hands, fingers or stimulate it with your tongue – whatever feels right for you and your partner. Varying amounts of pressure will elicit different types of feelings so you can experiment to see which your man likes better.

The Navel

The navel or belly button may not sound sexy – but it can be a very erotic spot on the body. You can stimulate the belly button by sticking a finger into it, some tickling or moving your finger deeper. Don’t force your finger too far too fast, and watch your man’s reactions. This stimulation will extend out from the navel and down toward the penis. There is also a groove between the navel and the penis – this area can be massaged by moving your fingers up and down.

The Anus and Surrounding Areas

Anal stimulation can easily be several articles. But let’s discuss some key points about how to stimulate your man’s anal area. First, you need to understand there are some men who have an aversion to any anal play, just like some women. So, it would be good to talk about this beforehand. Or you can gently rub your finger over his anus and massage the area gently to see how he reacts. If he enjoys it, ask if you can slide your finger into his anus. If he says no, you need to respect that.

However, if he is interested in anal play, here are some tips.

· Rub your fingers up and down between his buttocks, start near the base of the spine and move between his legs. Gently massaging and let him enjoy the stimulation. While you are massaging this area, you can tickle the area near his anus to see how he reacts.

· The best way to stimulate the anal area of the body is to massage the opening of the anus with your fingertips and use gentle circular motions. You can switch between massaging the inner part of his buttocks and the circular motions around his anus. This can be much easier if you use a bit of lube on your hands and fingers.

· If your man agrees more anal stimulation, use plenty of lube and gently massage the inside walls of the anus. Start gently and increase the pressure when you see that he’s enjoying it. This stimulation begins in the anus, but will spread throughout his body.

· The most sensitive spot on a man’s body is deep inside his rectum. It can be reached with your finger, a vibrator or some other sex toy. Many toys were developed for anal play – they come in many different sizes and lengths, so there is a little something for everyone. When you are enjoying anal play, remember the rectum is sensitive and can also be injured or torn, so you want to be careful. As your man relaxes, you can move your fingers or a toy around in the anus to provide more intense stimulation.

· One last tip about anal play for your man, you want to find and massage the prostate. It is in the front of the anus. You can slide a lubed finger into the anus and massage the prostate through the front wall of the anus. There are many sexual feelings that are aroused through prostate massage and it can produce an orgasm. Think of this like the g-spot in a woman’s body.

These tips will help you stimulate areas of your man’s body that are near the penis and that can cause penal arousal, but will also give him additional and deeper stimulation. He may not be aware of these areas himself. Whether you are cuddling, giving him a handjob or oral sex – these are some little variations that will get his attention and stimulate him in new ways I bet he’ll love. But watch his reactions, and ease up if you see he’s uncomfortable. You want any stimulation to be sexy, fun and enjoyable.

By Nikki Leigh