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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Female Erogenous Zones

Female Erogenous Zones

Recently I shared an article about erogenous zones for men and I included a lot of areas around the penis. Most men enjoy direct and aggressive touching and I think it is good to know different areas that can turn your man on.

On the other hand, women often like you to take it slower and work up to genital touching. So, let’s take a very different approach in this article. A lot of women know the other areas on their body that excite them. This could be because many women get more pleasure from extensive foreplay than they do from intercourse. But your woman may not be willing to tell you where and how she wants to be touched. So, I’m going to give you some tips.

You may have seen an episode of Friends known as “7”. It is a very humorous view at female erogenous zones. Chandler wants tips on how to take sex from “okay” to “someone is killing her in there”. Not really killing her, but I think you get the idea. (There is no relationship between my numbers and the numbers in the show – they are simply in a random order.)

Let’s start at the top of her body and work our way down.

Her Head

The brain is the largest and most important sex organ in the body. But did you know there are places on her head that are erogenous zones? You can massage her scalp, running your fingers through her hair, place your hand on the back of her neck when you kiss or just when you’re talking to each other. Rub or massage gently and watch her reaction. You should be able to tell if she wants more pressure – but, don’t force it.

Her Ears, Lips, Cheeks and Neck

Don’t discount any of these spots and especially her neck. I did an informal survey and the overwhelming number of women and men picked the neck as a favourite place to be kissed and touched. You can gently touch and massage the edges of her ear, but be careful if she wears earrings. Gently stroke her cheek and this can be a great opportunity to brush her hair away from her face. Of course you can kiss her lips – but you can also stroke her lips softly. But you need to beware – don’t stick your tongue down her ear and don’t make strange noises in her ear. But you can use your mouth to play with her earlobe. Keep in mind that great kissers are rare, so work on your technique and watch your woman for clues on what she enjoys… and what she doesn’t.

Her Arms and Hands

Again, you want to start with a light, gentle touch and only increase pressure if you get signals from your woman that she wants more. Light stroking on her hand or arm, running your fingertips or nails along her arm and wrist, drawing circles on her palm and light kisses on her hands or arms can be very stimulating.

Her Breasts

We all know how much fun it is to play with a woman’s breasts, but do you know that most men do it wrong? Here are some tips to help you have fun and turn your woman on at the same time. First – don’t dive into them. Calm down and savour the moment. The most sensitive area is under the breast. Gently use your hand to cup her breast and stroke the underside of the breast with your finger or with the tip of your tongue. Take your time and move toward the nipple. You can use your fingers to massage the nipple or run your tongue around and over the nipple. While you are playing attention to one nipple, slide your other hand under her other breast. You can enjoy a handful and a mouthful all at the same time.

Her Chest and Stomach

While you’re touching her breasts, you’re in a great spot to pay attention to her chest and stomach. You can gently massage her stomach, draw lines on her stomach or sides with your fingertips or tongue. Your woman may be very conscientious about her stomach, but you can show that you want to touch and savour every part of her body. Move your hands on her stomach, circle her navel, her waist, and her hips. Be gentle and be aware of her reactions to your touch. Remember the type of touch and the areas she enjoys the most.

Her Legs, Thighs, Knees, Ankles and Feet

You have worked your way down your woman’s body and should be stimulating her every step of the way. Likely you are hoping to have sex with her and you’ve been working your way to her genital area. You can move from her stomach and hips, to her legs or maybe her feet. Many women love to have their feet massaged and maybe they also enjoy having their toes sucked. You can massage her feet and ask if she would enjoy some more attention to her toes. Either way – you can work your way up her legs, and be sure to spend some time touching behind her knees. Most people ignore the area behind the knees and its very sensitive. The inner thighs are also very sensitive.

I’ll let you take it from there and we’ll talk about working your way around her genital area in another article. A couple of last tips – be sure to trim your nails, take your time and feel your way around her body and remember that all of these areas can help you turn your woman on. By the time you reach her thighs, she will likely be begging you for more.

By Nikki Leigh