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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Turn Sweetest Day Into Sweetest Night

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Do you know what is happening October 19, 2013? It’s Sweetest Day! What’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Being from the Mitten state, this is a holiday that I grew up with. It is a Midwest construct which involves giving your ‘sweetie’ something sweet to show that you care. Think Valentine’s day, but only in the Fall. This isn’t a national holiday, which often makes people call it a ‘Hallmark Holiday.’ This is insinuating that it was created by the card company to make you buy their goods, but it allegedly originated from a Cleveland candy company employee. According the history on Hallmark’s website, Sweetest Day was imagined by Herbert Birch Kingston in 1922. He wanted to bring happiness to those people who were often forgotten such as orphans and people confined to their homes. 

Now fast forward to present day, Hallmark, as well as many other candy, card, and gift companies, are on board with this holiday which is celebrated every third Saturday in October. People shower their friends, family, and loved ones with gifts such as chocolates, cards, and flowers, but I want to challenge to you add a little something to this holiday. Sweeten the deal, if you will. If you’re looking for something extra special to give your sweet one, give them the gift of sex. I’m calling this Sweetest Night. 

Card. Candy. Flowers. BASIC! Not saying you can’t do those as a little appetizer, but consider making this day a sexy one. Consider doing one or all three of these options!

Dressing up

Take that to mean what you want. What do you feel most confident and sexy in? Is it a long elegant gown? Maybe you have a silky slip dress. Maybe you want to rock glittery pasties and that new thong you got. Maybe you want to give that sexy nurse outfit you got for Halloween a pre-run. Changing the look of your every day attire will definitely make your partner stop and take notice. Dressing up is a great way to add some fun in your relationship and so is taking it all off.

Buy a Toy

This can either be a toy for you or for you and your partner. If you’re new to toys, consider buying a bullet vibrator or a vibrating cock ring. Both of those options are small and unobtrusive, but can pack a punch in the bedroom. If you’re a seasoned pro with toys, consider something a little kinkier. Maybe you want to add some restraints or a blindfold to your bag of tricks. 

Hook-Up Somewhere New

Expand your sexual play beyond the bedroom. Take a good look around your house. I bet you have an untouched sexual playground just waiting to be explored. I love DIY sex furniture. Most countertops are give you perfect access to your partners hot spots. Try a little oral sex on your island. I promise you’ll never look at it the same. Have you looked at the arm of your couch? That looks like to perfect place to be bent over and taken by your lover. They say wetter is better, so why not try a little play in the shower. The possibilities are endless! When it’s time to get down and you surprise your partner by leading them into the kitchen, they will most definitely remember this Sweetest Night.

Sweetest Day is all about reminding your special someone that you care and that you appreciate them. Whether this is a new holiday for you or something you celebrate each year, I bet your partner won’t see Sweetest  Night coming. Keeping them on their toes and smitten with you. 

By Megan Stubbs  

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