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Friday, October 25, 2013

Your Guide to Sexting

Female Sexting Pic

One of the hottest trends in connecting with your special someone is sexting. Sexting is the act of sending sexy words or pictures to a partner. With the amazing quality of picture and video we have on our phones, this is now the best time to combine sex and technology. This is like phone sex 2.0. Never let distance be a problem with you and your partner again. You two can now be connected with literally a push of a button. While this sounds pretty simple and straightforward, there are a few guidelines to make sure you abide by that can make your sexting experience easy.


Make sure the person you are sexting wants to receive those type of texts from you. It can be pretty awkward or damaging if you send your nakedness to your boss. Also, make sure that you’re not sending it from a work phone.

Check the contact

For your own well being, make sure that you’re sending those sexy words to the right person. Sending your hot message to ‘Mom’ rather than ‘Molly’ could end in huge embarrassment and potentially some hot water.

Sex First, Ask For Sexting Later

In my person opinion, I think it is best to have done actual sex acts before sexting about them. This protects you from potentially not delivering the hot promises you’ve shared with your partner. Best to build upon things you have already done.

Text As You Would Speak

Try not to send hot messages if they are not the way us usually talk. You will know. Your partner will know. It will be awkward. If you say something like, “You want Daddy to spank your little naughty girl ass,” but you never speak like that, it could throw your partner off. Just relax and be yourself.

Theater of The Mind

You want to paint a picture of what is going to go down between you and your partner. Describe to them what you are going to do to them. The idea of sexting is to build anticipation and desire. Descriptive words are the best. Lacking on some adjectives? Try hot, soft, sweet, hard, wet, moist, glistening, or delicious.

Know You Surroundings

No one get turned on from your toilet, dirty laundry strewn about your room, or an old pizza box. Clean that shit up! Be mindful of what is around you when you are sending your hot shots. You might think your sweet parts are the star of the sext, but actually, they might be totally distracted by your messy place.

So with keeping all of these guidelines in the back of your head, you should be in safe sexting territory! If you’re looking for some inspiration, try starting to spice up the mood with one of these lines.

“Do you know what I would do if you were here right now…”

“I’ve got something for you when you get home”

“Whatever you do, don’t think about me doing [insert naughty activity] to you right now”

“I can’t stop thinking about…”

“Guess where I wish your lips were right now”

Make it hot, have fun, and K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sexy.

By Megan Stubbs  
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  1. once again husband is out of town on business, just sitting in a hotel. like always we keep in touch via email, text, or the occasional phone call. before he left(as always) we had yet another incredible session. when i woke up this morning, he was already gone and on my nightstand were some fresh batteries and a new toy. i was tired, and a little sore, but just looking over at my newest rabbit vibe, i couldt help but just give it a try...and of course my phone rings...i finished getting myself off, and checked my phone, message from him that he'd arrived safely.
    i got up and showered, and responded via a text. the conversation soon turned to thoughts of the night before, and my morning solo escapade..
    i dialed his number so i could have both hands free... withing just a few minutes he had me all hot and bothered, and i was wet once again, he talked me off 2 more times before my phone died, and i wanted more. i really miss those days when we would phone sex for HOURS via a landline.
    i think i'll be busy for the next few days while he's gone.