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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introducing Sex Toys – Anal Toys

We’ve been introduced to the vibrator, next up is anal toys. Now you can’t just dive right into this new relationship, it takes patience and care. You’ve got to take your time getting to know these toys. They might seem daunting or even downright frightening. There’s also worry about cleanliness, pain or even injury. Using these toys safely and properly can introduce a wonderful new level of pleasure to your relationship. It may not be for you, and that’s ok. Try different things and see what works for you. Anal toys can also be a great precursor to anal sex. There are safety issues that are necessary to discuss so unlike the vibrator introduction, this one will include an extremely basic “how-to” beforehand.

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You may be wondering, “how does an anal toy provide pleasure?” Anal toys work for both men and women. In men, pressure against the p-spot (an area adjacent to the prostate) provokes a pleasurable sensation. In women, the close proximity to the internal portions of the clitoris (yes, the clitoris is also internal!) and the g-spot also make anal play pleasurable. Anal penetration can trigger orgasm in both men and women. Some like the pressure and full feeling as it adds to their arousal during foreplay and/or sex. With so many nerve ending around the anus and inside the rectum, there are many options for sexy play.

As I said before, using anal toys takes patience. It’s not something you want to rush into without prepping yourself and your toy. To start, get warmed up using other types of foreplay. You want to get aroused and relaxed. Lube is essential! Use lube liberally, lack of sufficient lube has probably ended more anal play before it had a chance to really get exciting. Lube on a finger or simple toy is important but so is taking your time. Circle the anus to get it used to the feeling of being touched. Insert slowly and communicate with your partner. You may have to try several times or several toys until it works for you.

Choose a nonporous body safe material like 100% silicone, metal or Pyrex glass. Clean your toys well before and after using, disinfect and sterilize to insure there is no bacterial buildup. Using gloves and condoms helps with clean up too. Be mindful to use the right lube with your toy. Most important to remember is that ALL anal toys MUST have a flanged base. Always keep in mind, “No base, without a trace.” A flanged base should keep your toy from fully inserting to the point where you can’t recover it without a potentially embarrassing trip to the ER.

Anal plug/butt plug

Not exactly the perfect starter toy but the one most people are familiar with. Anal plugs are specifically shaped to be inserted past the sphincter and remain inserted due to its flanged base. There are plugs that vibrate and some can even be inflated it enhance that arousing “full” feeling. They come in a variety of sizes so start small and work up slowly. Some are more tapered, a good starter size, while others are more blunt. There are cone shapes, rippled shapes, p-spot curve shapes, anatomically correct shapes, round shapes, short shapes and long shapes. You can even get plugs with attached leather ponytails, furry foxtails, even puffy rabbit cottontails. Plugs can be used to enhance foreplay then removed if too uncomfortable during sex. You can leave alone or gently push or wiggle it. Leaving the plug in during sex may give you the feeling of double penetration.

Anal beads

Anal beads are a great starter for anal play. Anal beads are round beads molded in a string formation and graduated in size. Real string is porous and can’t be properly sterilized so now they come molded out a single material. They come in a variety of sizes and can even come in different shapes. The string can be rigid or flexible. Make sure it has a loop at the end to hold on to, as that will be your flange. Anal beads have a longer slimmer shape than a plug so you can insert slowly and stop when it starts to become uncomfortable. Beads usually aren’t meant to stay inserted, although you can try. Just make sure if you’re taking your fingers out of that loop that the loop is big enough to perform like a flange base. The feeling of each ball entering the anus can be just as arousing as the inside penetration. Pulling the beads out can produce an amazing sensation and can trigger or enhance orgasm.

Anal dildos

While you technically can use any dildo or vibrator anally, you will still be taking a risk using a dildo/vibrator without a flanged base. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can’t possibly get that whole thing in; the road is longer than you think. Dildos can be used to get a deeper sensation than with a shorter plug, or a more full sensation than with beads. You can insert with your hands or put the dildo in a harness to use as a strap-on. Using a dildo anally takes lots of communication with your partner, especially if you’re new at this. You can feel with your fingers or your penis as you penetrate giving you a better idea of position and depth. You lack that sensation with a dildo so being fully aware of what you are doing and how your partner is feeling is very important. Take your time, there’s a good chance you won’t be successful the first time. Using a strap-on dildo anally can help to get deeper strokes. Pressure against the pubic area and the clitoris while using a strap-on makes this hot for both partners.

Prostate play

Technically this is not a toy but there are toys specifically designed for this. Prostate play is stimulation of the prostate gland through pressure inside the rectum. You can get specifically shaped toys for this. Prostate toys have been specifically designed to hit the spot, which means you shouldn’t have to work as hard. Triggering the elusive p-spot orgasm may not be guaranteed but I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun trying. P-spot toys come in anal plug shapes and in dildo shapes. Anal play and prostate play in the form of a woman using a strap-on on a man is commonly called pegging. Pegging can be hot sexy fun for both partners.

There are many possibilities with anal toys. Read up, get a DVD or take a class if you need further reassurance. You may find a whole new world of sensual pleasure once you get past initial fears and myths.

By: Technogeisha

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