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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pervertables – Your Introduction to DIY Kink

With all of the hype still surrounding 50 Shades of Grey, and the interest in BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/submission, and/or Sadism/Masochism), there has never been a better time to explore your kinky side. Now before you start worrying about spending money on all new toys and props, look around your house. You’ve got a treasure trove of DIY kinky toys already in your house waiting for you to play with. 

Silk Neck Tie

You don’t need to splurge on rope or bondage tape when you have a silk tie hanging around. This can easily be used to restrain your partner in all sorts of erotic positions. A silk neck tie also doubles as an instant blindfold. For an added level of fun, take the tie directly off from your partner, blindfold them, and begin your seduction. Losing their sense of sight will enhance their remaining ones and leave them wondering what you will do next. 

Silicone Spatula

The kitchen is full of great utensils waiting to be perverted. Almost every home has a silicone spatula which means almost every home has a readymade paddle. You vary the sensation of impact on your partner depending on how much force you put behind it. And clean up couldn’t be easier. Your kitchen toys are dishwasher safe and no one would suspect that the spatula in the rack had a hidden agenda from the night before. Hiding in plain sight!

Feathers Fur and Fuzz
Visit your local craft store and go wild. You can easily purchase feathers, fabrics with different textures (burlap, satin, flannel), and synthetic furs. These are great products to use when you have a blindfolded partner. You can run the different items over their skin and give them many different sensations. Another great craft store buy are clothes pins. They easy double as nipple clamps and they’re so inexpensive that you can throw them away after you’re through with them. Also consider buying some Velcro strips.  Be sure to check the internet or the mobile app of your favorite store for coupons too. Shop smart, sexy.

Wiffleball Ball Gag
Looking for a ball gag? Get an inexpensive wiffelball kit from the store. The ball already has holes cut in it so it makes breathing easier. You just need to thread some rope through the holes and you’re all set. Make sure to wash everything first. You don’t know who has been touching that ball. And bonus, the hollow plastic bat can be used as another impact play item. Win-win.

Stair Railing
Looking for somewhere to restrain your partner that isn’t your bed? Look no further than your own stairway. The rungs built into the staircase can double as a mock St. Andrew’s Cross. While you may not be able to restrain their feet, their arms will be restrained. You position them facing forward or backward and secure them with a scarf, neck tie, or those handy Velcro straps you just bought. This can be great while teasing your partner or a fun position for sex. 

As with any sort of sexual play, always remain vigilant about safety. Try to avoid things that have difficult or permanent locking implements. I do not recommend using zip ties or cheap novelty hand cuffs. You want to be able to ‘escape’ from your restrains in a matter of seconds. If you choose to use rope or aren’t skilled in knots, make sure you have a pair of safety scissors near. 

So no matter what your financial situation is, a little creativity can help you ball(gag) on a budget! Have fun discovering new pervertables, and as always, when it comes to sex, everything is OK here. 

By Megan Stubbs
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