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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sexy Games

You may have seen that section of the sex shop, the one with card games, board games, dice and other ways to make gaming sexy. You may be wondering if any of these are worth trying. If you’re unsure if sexy games are for you, here is a breakdown of the different types of games out there. Adult games can get a sexy evening started, a fun way to get to know your partner better, or an interesting way to try something new. This is not a review, mind you, but an overview of options to help you choose a game rather than just going for a random option. Let’s spin the wheel, toss those dice or pop that pop-o-matic and move down the game path to the different types of sex games available. With these games, everybody wins.

Domin8 Game

Domin8 Game

Board games

These games come in a wide variety of styles and game play but the overall objective is to arouse. They look like classic board games; a fold open board with a path of some sort to follow and a counting method like a spinner or dice. You can answer questions or perform the activities provided on the spaces or with cards. The graphics on some can tend toward the silly, but you can find more sensuous games out there. Some games are all about the pleasure, asking players to perform erotic actions as they move around the game board. Games like Lust!, Oral Sex Game, and Sex! (A sex trivia and sex play game) to name a few. There are several spicy spins on the Monopoly theme like Lover’sopoly, XXXopoly, and Sexopoly. Tease is a game that is edgier since it’s geared for group play but also more on the quality side in terms of production. Choose carefully as some games are just slightly sexier versions of adult drinking games or games like “I Never…” or “Would You Ever…” that are more about revealing fun sexy things about each other rather than performing anything sexual. That being said, conversation starter games can lead to some interesting playtime later.

Card games

Card games are plentiful, they are easy to make and lend themselves to a wide variety of themes and styles. There are truth or dare cards, sex trivia cards, sex position cards, kinky cards, and role-play cards. There are various versions of strip poker like Strip Poker, Strip or Tease and Strip Bedroom Blackjack. Other games include foreplay, sex positions and other ways to heat things up like Let’s Fool Around, Dirty Deeds, and Super Hero Sex. Looking for just role-play try a game like Sex Scenarios. You can find kink themed games like Domin8 and Bedroom Commands, and some games, like Bondage Seductions, come with their own kinky accouterments.

Dice Games

Dice games are nice and simple; no complicated game pieces, no rules to figure out, not very expensive. Dice games are a quick and easy way to try something new or a fun way to get a steamy evening started. Dice games usually come in a set of 2-4 dice, although I was surprised to find a 12-sided sex positions die. Basic dice have activities written on their sides, like a body part and an action, which are acted upon when rolled. There are Dirty Dice, Erotic Dice, Spicy Dice, Let’s Talk about Sex Dice, Oral Sex Dice, and Fetish Play Dice. There’s even dice that glow in the dark. Many games are cross platform; so you’ll find a card game also has a dice game, and possibly even a board game, like Sex! And Let’s Fool Around.

Game Alternatives

You can find other types of games out there. Sex Stack is a block stacking game like Jenga. You pull a block, perform the sexy task on the block, and then place it on top of the stack. Foreplay Connect is a adult version of Connect Four with a sexy activity on each token. Slide your tokens into the slots and when you get four in a row, act out all the activities in that row. Pleasure Hunt is a scavenger hunt type game. Hide the plastic balls and have your partner find them. Each one has a specific action in them they perform when found. Truth or Dare Pick a Stick has naughty truth or dare suggestions written on sticks that you pull out of it’s cylindrical container. An even simpler alternative to a dice game are scratchers, similar to lottery cards except under the scratched off covering is a sexy suggestion. There are sexy and kinky bingo cards with suggestions and erotic illustrations. There are a few adult takes on Twister out there too but the original Twister can lead to some hot body contact all on its own. Coupons or vouchers are not exactly games but often included in the games section. These are coupons or sealed vouchers that you just take and use or you can leave for your partner to discover somewhere else to be “redeemed” later like I Dare You by Susie Bright, Naughty Vouchers or Spank Me!

Recommended Players

The caveats in trying any of these games is that they are sometimes poorly made with cheap materials, are cheesy or dated, can have instructions that are difficult to understand or may not be up to your level of play. Most of these games seem to be geared towards people who are reluctant to be adventurous or are stuck in a rut. If you already have a wide and varied sexual repertoire, these games might seem very tame to you. Some games can be rather short when it comes to play, which can be a boon to some but a disappointment to others, while other seem to drag on too long or take too long to get going. After a while the games can get repetitive since the board never changes and actions are limited to what’s on hand, especially cards and dice. Do some research and check out what online reviewers have to say. The games I’ve listed here are available here. You may find any one or more of these games to be exactly what you needed to relax and have a good time while getting to know your partner and yourself, which can be a great way to start some sexy play time.

By: Technogeisha
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