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Thursday, April 28, 2016

CB-6000 Male Chastity Device Review

Before I was offered to review the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device, orgasm and chastity control sat on my list of things to try eventually - once I wrap my mind around it. While I still haven't quite done that, it's safe to say CB-6000 is an excellent device to explore this burgeoning kink of mine.

My first thoughts about the CB-6000 could be summarized as thus: Wow this thing has a lot of parts. Metal locks, plastic locks, two-part cage system, plus a bunch of spacers, lube, and other various doodads to customize the fit of the unit. It’s great that there's a ton of things to play around with. Still, it’s an intimidating number of options.

As a beginner in the world of male chastity and only two years or so into exploring kink in my life, the most important thing for me is accessibility. I don't mind instructions, but I shouldn't feel like I'm putting together Ikea furniture, either. On our first time testing CB-6000 together, we didn't use the instructions and found it very easy to jump into.

When it comes to design, the unit is pretty Spartan. While that’s not what I would call thrilling, I do love how the clear body allows for me to view my property without removing the unit. The design, while a bit off-putting at first, is simple enough that I don't feel like I'm stepping into a dungeon. Plus, although the sheer number of parts is surprising at first, I'm definitely glad we have those options.

Although my guy's penis is exceptionally chunky, all the options make it easy to find a perfect fit. The hard plastic body is definitely an unforgiving home. On the other hand, it is incredibly effective at keeping him in check. Although I'd been concerned about how my boy would respond, he says wearing it makes him feel safe, like the hugs I give him when he feeling down. In many ways, knowing he simply can't mess up makes me feel safer, too.

Locking up my guy in our CB-6000 is a fairly easy affair… although his forest of pubes and pudgy undercarriage made it a Mission: Impossible level adventure to install without pinching. I've yet to accomplish that. As a sadist, that's quite enjoyable. As a Mister to a pup, I'll still work on getting better at that. Regardless, with careful attention, the multi-step process is over in less than a minute or so. Well, it would be if I could touch his penis without it becoming erect. Once that is handled though, it really does take about a minute.

I find that getting my boy secured in the CB-6000 to be an incredibly intimate process. It's a lot like setting up for any other kink session - focused, energetic and still. Figuring out what pieces to use to best accommodate his comfort while securing my property is an incredible power trip; it really helps get me in my Top head space.

According to my boy, CB-6000 is very comfortable to wear when fit properly. We had some discomfort with pieces that were both too small or too big. I suggest most folks should try the penultimate largest and work their way down. The largest ring is incredibly big but the one below should be about right to test things out for most. Still, extended wear comfort is greatly increased with a proper fitting so don't be afraid to step down in size until you find the perfect fit.

I was surprised by how well CB-6000 is hidden under clothing. Even in just sweatpants, it's impossible for me to tell that there's anything happening other than an incredibly prominent bulge. Since I like to show off my pup, it's a turn on to have his already large penis so prominently displayed. It's hot, objectifying and a little bit embarrassing. Altogether it makes for a thrilling show.

One of my biggest concerns with putting my boy in a male chastity device is hygiene. The last thing I want is a foul smelling pup my bed. Luckily, with proper care, it's very easy to keep things from getting unruly. CB-6000 gets along with your good ol' friend soap and water will do the trick to get clean. You'll need to make sure things are dry soon after, otherwise you're inviting bacteria to muck things up. Staying to that regimen daily will keep things hygienic.

While I'm still not quite sure how much this particular kink is going to come into our play, I'm impressed by the CB-6000 on its own. It seems like the people at CBX Male Chasity put a lot of thought into the usage of their product. I frequently find myself noting how cool or smart the features and design seem to be.

For example, if so needed, you can break the locking pin to remove the unit. Sure, that means also means he’s capable of getting free, but he’s also incapable of hiding it. I hadn’t considered the need for that feature, but there’s plenty of incredibly obvious reasons why that feature needs to be there.

Still, although I'm a fan of CB-6000, I would like to see a few refinements. I feel like a rework of the design could probably allow for one adjustable unit instead of the mass of parts. Also, it would be nice to have a larger slit at the head for easier peeing and cleaning. Perhaps, they could mold numbers into the pieces to help easily identify the sizes. Other than that, though, I'm sold.

By: Jerome Stuart Nichols
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