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Thursday, July 31, 2014

National Orgasm Day

Sexy Woman Having Orgasm

 It’s wonderful that we live in a world that celebrates the orgasm. Granted, there are still many people in the world that don’t understand orgasms, realize their benefits, or seek to control them for negative reasons. Having a national observation day gives us a chance to focus on this amazing thing the body can do. Orgasms make us feel good, help us bond with partners, release helpful hormones, reduces stress and contributes to our overall health. We all experience orgasms in our own personal way; some quickly, some with lots of effort, some multiple times, some with one big blow out. How does this sexy bodily function work and what does it do for our bodies? Lets take a closer look.
Body and Brain

An orgasm is an incredible feat of mind and body, the result of physical stimulation and mental stimulation. Masters and Johnson considered it the third of four stages in human sexual response. Our genitals have sensitive nerve packed areas that are specifically designed for pleasure. Physical stimulation of these areas starts a chain reaction while our minds are processing what’s happening to cue different physical reactions. The groundwork is laid during foreplay. As we start getting aroused the brain sends blood flooding to our genitals. This increased blood flow causes our genitals to swell and become more sensitive. Women have an increase in lubrication in the vagina and vulva. Our breathing and heart rate increases. This process is changing not only our bodies but changing what’s happening in our brains. We shut down parts of our brain, mostly ones that regulate things like fear, worry and planning. Our minds are only focused in the moments leading up to orgasm. The hypothalamus releases hormones so we’re flooded with oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins. When all these things reach a peak, the body releases all the tension that’s built up in waves through the genitals. This causes contractions within the vagina and usually results in ejaculation in the penis. The anal sphincter, pubococcygeus (pc) muscle, perineum and other muscles join in these contractions. Orgasms come in different sizes. They can be intense, light, last for ages, last a moment, can happen only once, happen repeatedly with multiple orgasms, and can be elusive and not happen at all.

Why We Do It

We still don’t really know why we orgasm. There’s been limited research and a hypothesis that it is necessary for conception. Orgasm can bring on ejaculation and cause contractions within the vagina. It’s thought these rhythmic contractions act as an assist for the sperm. It’s also thought to be an important factor in mate selection and partner bonding. It may also be a reward system using pleasure to keep us mating and bearing children. There is some evidence that orgasms may increase fertility in women.  Although orgasms are not required to get pregnant there may be benefits that help conception along and insure greater chances. But orgasms aren’t just triggered with direct contact with genitals. Clitoral and penile stimulation may be a direct way to orgasm but we can also orgasm through nipple stimulation and even mental images unaccompanied by touch. There are health benefits that accompany orgasm that help us physically and mentally. Orgasms can help reduce stress, depression and pain. It may help you sleep better, reduce menstrual pain, and improve your memory. It can help you live longer, boost our immune system and even help reduce the chances of getting breast and prostate cancer.

Orgasms Are Easy and Other Myths

A basic myth is that orgasms need to be mind-blowing earth shattering experiences or you’re doing something wrong. This is certainly not the case. Any orgasm is a good orgasm and there’s nothing wrong if you don’t have one at all. The only reason to be concerned with a lack of orgasm is if it’s not happening often enough for you or not happening at all. You could have Anorgasmia, which is an inability to achieve orgasm. There can be a multitude of issues that cause Anorgasmia, things like medication, stress, depression, illness, and physical impairments. All of which can be worked on with a doctor or therapist. Another myth is that intercourse should always result in an orgasm. Not everyone achieves orgasm through penetrative sex alone, they may need more external stimulation or help with a toy or two. You may also need to vary your positions to find ones that work better for you. Sex doesn’t need to end with orgasm either. You can enjoy the pleasure you’ve shared even if you never fully made it to orgasm. Sex is still good sex even without climax. Orgasms also don’t come quickly and easily for everyone, sometimes it takes lots of time and effort.

More Myths

It’s also not true that women are the only ones who can have multiple orgasms since men can have them too. Some people believe that g-spot orgasms are a myth but many women would say otherwise. Just because you haven’t experienced it, nor science can conclusively prove its existence, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Female ejaculation and squirting are also not a myth, it just doesn’t happen to everyone. You also don’t lose your ability to experience orgasms as you age. Plenty of people continue to have amazing orgasms well into their golden years. Another myth is that not achieving orgasm has to do with the skill of your partner. This is not true since many issues can factor into lack of orgasm. Communication with your partner and knowing what works best for you helps a great deal.

Celebrate Throughout The Year

Having a day to celebrate the orgasm is a great way to increase awareness and start a dialogue about the benefits of orgasm. Spend the rest of the year learning about how your body responds to different stimuli by varying positions and possibilities. Don’t be afraid of using toys and definitely don’t forget that your largest sex organ is your brain. If you’re having trouble achieving orgasms or just getting the ones you want, talk to a doctor or a good quality sex educator that’s not afraid to use upfront and honest language with you. Your orgasms are important to you. You get to feel good while doing great things for you mind and body.

By: Technogeisha
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