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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Sex Bucket List

Sexy Couple at the Beach

Don’t worry, summer isn’t over yet! You still have plenty of time to keep it sizzling. 

Go Skinny Dipping

Sure it sounds like something you may have done in high school, but I assure you, the level of fun and naughtiness doesn’t diminish with age. There is something inherently sexy about being fully naked and immersed in water. Add a partner to that action and there are no limits to how much excitement you can have. The easiest way to check this item off you list is to find a nude beach or naturist facility. If you don’t have one of those areas available to you, or if you want to live on the edge, you can always sneak out to the beach at midnight under the cover of darkness. Depending on where you live, there may be laws against public nudity, so please dip accordingly. 

Hook-up on the Water

We’re on a boat! How many lines can you think of that have to deal with fun on the water? ‘The motion of the ocean’ or ‘don’t come knockin’ if this boat is rockin.’ Getting intimate with you partner on water is such a summer thing to do. Just being in a new location can enhance your level of intensity. The breeze blowing your hair making you look sexy and windswept is sure to fuel your partner’s fire. And if it happens to be rough seas, there is no better excuse to fall into their arms and say that you should lie down before you fall down. 

Hook-up in Water*

I’m sure you were waiting for me to get to this one, but it’s actually one I’m not sold on. Hooking up in water, whether it is in pool, hot tub, lake, ocean, river, or wherever, always sounds better than it is. Water washes away your body’s natural lubricant and can make activities like penetrative sex very difficult and sometimes painful. If you want to foreplay it up in the water, I’m all for that. Save the penetration activities for when you’re on dry land. If you MUST hook up in water, please consider using silicone lubricant. It is water resistant and can help you slip in to your desired location. Again, please be aware of your local laws on public nudity.

Sweat it out

When was the last time you had really hot sweaty sex? And I mean hot as in temperature. Cut the AC and create your own steamy love jungle. Tap into your primal instinct and go at it like animals. Soon your bodies will be glistening with sweat and some of it may drip onto your partner. So what? Leave it and relish in the moment. Right at this moment you are having passionate animal sex and that comes with sweat. Plus, research says that certain types of sweat can act as subtle pheromones to your partner, heightening their experience and making them want you more.
Summer is about getting outside and living in the moment. Make some memories with your partner that you can’t do any other time of year. Happy sexing!

By Megan Stubbs
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