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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction

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Most people with a penis have had times where said penis will not behave. For some those could be instances of unwanted boners popping up at incredibly inconvenient and awkward times, and for others that could be an erection refusing to attend the party when needed. Sometimes though, the latter occurs so often it becomes a source of stress for the individual. Then, it’s a problem.

Erectile dysfunction is when someone has trouble getting and maintaining an erection firm enough to be used for penetrative sex. Many men experience this, and many factors can contribute to the issue. Studies have shown that folks with erection difficulties also have higher rates of other health issues, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. The medications to manage these conditions can also influence erections, as can antidepressants and the mental health disorders behind them, such as depression and anxiety. As with many health concerns, erectile dysfunction is also common in those who smoke tobacco or drink alcohol heavily.

Because erectile difficulties can have so many different causes, general lifestyle changes are the first step in remedying the problem. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol and caffeine intake can all help, as can addressing other underlying health issues. Medication is an option as well, and something to be addressed with a doctor. In the meantime, there are a few handy dandy tools that can help. Erections are achieved and kept when blood flows into the penis and stays there, and there are many sex toys that aid in just that.

Cock rings can help maintain an erection by constricting the base of the penis to keep blood from retreating back into the body. They come in many different sizes and materials to ensure you get one with a fit best for you. Some even vibrate for a partner’s pleasure!

Penis pumps work in the opposite way. Instead of trapping blood within the penis, a penis pump creates a sort of vacuum effect in a tube to bring blood to the area. Even folks without erection difficulties use them for extra firmness.

Vibrators also bring blood to the area. Just like they would stimulate the nerves in and around the clitoris, they stimulate the nerves in the penis. As with all toys, it’ll feel wonderful for one person, but completely uninteresting to another. Your best bet is to go with something strong like a wand-style vibrator, and experiment by resting it in different places.

Some tools operate in different ways to help someone work with their erection difficulties. Female condoms, also called “in-condoms”, are a type of condom that is inserted into a vagina or anus instead of rolled over a penis. These handy dandy latex sheaths prevent against both pregnancy and sexally transmitted infections. In-condoms are perfect for when an erection comes and goes as it pleases. With condoms worn on a penis, the condom may need to be changed multiple times if it slips off with erection loss. Additionally, while the base of an on-condom may act as a sort of cock ring for some folks, in others the tightness can in fact cause them to lose their erection. Since in-condoms are placed inside the vagina or anus instead of encasing a penis, with the loss of an erection the person can simply withdraw and wait until it comes back.

Butt plugs can help some folks maintain an erection both by simply providing pleasure, and by putting pressure on the prostate, a small gland responsible for producing semen. Both the rectum and the prostate are packed with thousands of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can be pleasurable for people of any gender. Pleasure, then, brings blood flow to the pelvis and into the penis for an erection boost. Some butt plugs are specially designed to target the prostate and to be worn during sex.

If you’re hankering for some humping , strap-on harnesses come in hollow versions with a space for a non-erect penis to rest comfortably inside the attached dildo. Strap-ons allow folks to enjoy penetrative sex even without an erection, and the thrusting motion can once again bring blood flow to the area. Additionally, by bringing a partner pleasure, their noises or reactions can cause arousal, and then an erection too!

Even if a penis still refuses to cooperate, there are so many ways to give and receive pleasure. You’ve got hands and mouths and toys and so many kinds of sex to experiment with and explore. So many couples have found new ways to experience pleasure by different means rather than the conventional penis-in-vagina penetration. Erection problems are far from the end of your sex life, so have a chat with your doctor, makes some lifestyle changes, and start experimenting!

By: Sammi
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