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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Sexy Roleplay Scenarios with the Woman in Charge

sexy womans buttocks in underwears with a whip standing in front of handsome guy. BDSM concept

While sexual role playing scenarios often put the man in charge, there are many women who desire a more dominant role. Whether you switch from time to time or always feel the call of dominating your partner, the following situations put you in charge of the situation and let you feel as powerful and sexy as you really are!

1. Librarian and Patron

You might appreciate this if you're a bookworm. The sexy librarian trope is one that's easy to adopt with some heels and a pair of glasses, and you can have fun making sure your partner is quiet (even as you give him or her plenty of things that make this difficult to do), always puts books back where they belong, and returns materials before they've overdue. The role play scenes practically write themselves.

2. Owner/Trainer and Pet

Many kinksters are aware of just how sexy pet play can be. There are pony, cat, and dog boys and girls, among other species. You'll find plenty of costumes, tails, and other accessories to go along with these scenes as you train your pet to do exactly what you'd like. However, you don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy this occasional role play scenario that puts you in charge.

3. Nurse and Patient

These roles work well if your idea of dominance is to take care of your submissive. Under the guise of nurse, you'll bathe your “patient,” fluff his pillows and perhaps even feed him. Have you ever noticed that traction is essentially a form of bondage? If you're into medical play, there are tons of accessories you can add to your scene. Plus, you can take even more control by promoting yourself to doctor.

4. Police Officer and Criminal

Imagine this: you're in police uniform and trying to prevent would-be criminals. You have cuffs and maybe a club to keep the world in line. Your partner has attempted to thwart the law and perhaps even succeeded, but now that you've caught him or her, it's up to you arrest them, read them their rights, and lock them in a cell. You might be lenient if they perform sexual favors.. or not.

A similar role play scenario can be detective/interrogator and suspect.

5. Personal Trainer and Client

Just like in real life, playing the role of the personal trainer lets you watch your partner as they flex muscles and work up a sweat. You get to tell your partner what they're doing right, but discipline but the wrong format can be particularly sexy. Plus, certain setups are ideal for bondage. Avoid actual weights or machinery that might be dangerous when you're in the throes of passion; although, a weightlifting bench might be a useful prop.

5. Boss and Assistant

While most people would have a woman playing the submissive secretary, you can easily turn the tables on this even going so far as to wear a suit and tie. Your assistant has a ton of duties to complete including pleasing you sexually, and he or she won't like to see you when those deadlines are missed. This scenario is fun because your “assistant” can stimulate you under a desk, lean over it while you mete out punishment, and you can enjoy sweeping the contents off a desktop before you appease your unrelenting lust.

6. Cougar and Cub

You might not know that the nickname given to a younger man who has sex with an older woman is a cub, even if you've called yourself a cougar a time or two in the past. Not only is this a fun role play scenario, but it's one you can actually live out if you like your partners a little younger. As an older and more experienced woman, you can teach your adoring partner a few tricks and feel absolutely desired. You can vary this one as the older woman next door who is taking a young adult's virginity if you prefer.

7. Teacher and Student

What's a strict teacher going to do when her student isn't listening or hasn't turned in homework on time? Perhaps a rap on the knuckles with a ruler will do it. Or wearing a dunce cap while standing in the corner could be an effective punishment. But if you want to make it a little naughtier, that ruler might become a spanking implement. And if your student is the naughty one, then it might be up to you to make sure they keep their hands to themselves!

8. Kidnapper and Hostage

There's no denying you're in control when you've kidnapped someone and are holding them hostage. There's no need to delve into exactly why you've done what you've done (unless you want to), but you have your hostage tied up and perhaps blindfolded. You control their every sense. Perhaps you threaten them with a (fake) weapon. Instead of money, you demand that your hostage makes you orgasm. Perhaps a little Stockholm syndrome could come into play.

Of course, you can decide what to include or omit in your role playing scene if there's a particular element that's too weird, unappetizing or difficult to believe. But trying on these roles allows women to take control and exercise authority while their partners must obey orders or face the consequences.

By: Adriana Ravenlust
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